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Acer Headquarters in Taiwan Expands Used Goods Collection Campaign


As part of the "Project Humanity" initiative, Acer headquarters in Taiwan holds an annual second-hand goods charity event for donations to public welfare organizations. In 2022, the Project Humanity Ambassadors proposed to expand the Acer Recycling Donation Program to include clothing and shoes. With the active participation of employees, 600 colleagues took part and succeeded in collecting a total of 75 computers, 168 cell phones, 120 kilograms of batteries, 76 kilograms of other electronic equipment, and more than 400 pieces of clothing and 200 pairs of shoes.                               

Twenty-seven Acer volunteers, including members of the Project Humanity Ambassadors, spent their lunch breaks or took personal volunteer leave to sort through the recyclables. These second-hand goods were then donated to the Eden Foundation, the Taipei Orphan Welfare Foundation, the Step30 International Ministries organization, and e-waste recyclers. The event not only increased employee participation in the company's Project Humanity initiative and highlighted the importance of recycling, but also helped the underprivileged and promoted environmental protection. This love also extends to faraway Africa where many children must walk barefoot and can fall victim to flea infestations which can be highly dangerous to their health. The shoes donated to these children help protect their feet, and demonstrate that small actions can create enormous changes!



We hope to raise our colleagues' awareness of environmental conservation and implement "Green Thinking" into their daily lives. Every step counts, no matter how big or small. I believe that if we work together, we can make a difference.


Wenny Chen

Finance Supervisor, Consolidation & Financial Information Management


I hope to work together with Project Humanity to promote the concept of environmental protection from myself to the people around me. Our team is currently focusing on environmental issues, but in the future we hope to expand our influence to other areas such as animal protection and education. We are very grateful for the enthusiastic participation of our colleagues. We are glad to have met partners from different backgrounds and worked with them in planning the event, from arranging the event, contacting them, to sorting out the supplies and donating them to the organization, all of them were willing to put in their efforts after work to make the event a success.


Debbie Chang

Software R&D Project Engineer, Advanced Cloud Software R&D BU


Change comes from believing. I have always believed that there are people committed to a better future for our children and grandchildren, like Project Humanity. As a result, we will make the world a better place.


Derrick Lin

Associate Manager, Global Service Solution & Design I Department, Global Service Operations & Planning Management Division


I am very happy to be part of this team. From the beginning of the idea to its execution and completion, all relies on our continuous online meetings. I want every product to be of value, so it's important to choose items carefully before you shop and to minimize waste so that we can truly be green and sustainable in the sense of further recycling, minimizing, and reusing.


Carol Lee

Senior Specialist, Security Infrastructure Department, Key Account Sales Division, Acer Cyber Security Incorporated



Acer volunteers sorted the donated clothes, packed them and prepared them for shipping.


Acer volunteers organized the donated shoes, packed them and prepared them for shipping.

A certificate of appreciation from the Step30 International Ministries