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Employee Engagement Survey

Employee Engagement Survey

Employee Engagement Surveys

Our Global Human Resources Department conducted a 2023 Employee Engagement Surveys from January to February 2023 to understand the organizational climate and to conduct in-depth communications and interviews to address key issues and develop improvement plans. The global employee engagement surveys covers six dimensions. The coverage rate of the 2023 Employee Engagement Surveys reached 100%, with a response rate of 78.2%, a decrease of 7.8% from last year. The Global Employee Engagement Surveys uses a scale of 1 to 5 (i.e., strongly disagree ~ strongly agree), and respondents can also choose the "don't know" option if they do not have enough information or feelings about the question asked.   

In addition, 78.16% of our global workforce are actively engaged with the company, up 5.16% from last year, and we plan to reach our goal of 80% global employee recognition by 2025. Acer was named to Forbes Magazine's "2022 Global Best Employers" and "2022 Global Best Women-Friendly Companies" lists. This is the third consecutive year that Acer has been named a Forbes Global Employer of the Year, and the ranking has improved each year. That demonstrates that the Group is among the top companies in the world in terms of corporate influence and image, talent development, gender-friendliness and corporate social responsibility. We are committed to improving employee engagement, enhancing operational growth momentum, and continuing to provide the best workplace experience for Acer employees.  

The Company has also introduced a new management training program to respond employees' expectation for their job development, and the Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP) is following up with the managers on their advancement status.

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