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Global Patent Strategies

Global Patent Strategies

Continuous innovation is a core value for Acer, as through it, we can gain a competitive edge. Our patent strategy is to invest resources in continuous innovative R&D, building a patent network and demonstrate the benefits of our patents while also establishing a set of strict patent measures to protect our R&D achievements.

Global Patent Strategies

To safeguard the R&D and innovation result, Acer continues to implement global patent strategies. As of the end of December 2022, 7,656 patents were granted in various countries, including at least 3,400 granted patents in Taiwan and at least 1,300 granted patents in the unties states. Acer's domestic patent applications and issued patents in Taiwan have remained among the top five domestic legal entities for four consecutive years.

Accumulated patents granted worldwide


Accumulated patents granted in Taiwan


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Acer’s Patent Protection Measures

Regular patent education and training

General staff have specialist knowledge in their own fields, but to ensure that all have a basic knowledge and understanding of intellectual property rights, Acer regularly holds internal training on patent-related issues.

Occasional patent seminars

In response to changes in patent laws and egulations or the influence of litigation practices of major foreign companies, Acer occasionally holds patent seminars and invites professional foreign patent attorneys and industry professionals to share the international trends.

Establish an ePatent system to manage patent case information electronically

Acer is equipped with an ePatent system to manage all of our patents electronically. In addition to allowing all patent cases to be filed through it, the ePatent system can also be used to check basic information regarding patent cases and stay on top of patent status.

Electronically-managed R&D logs

Having dealt with the challenges of managing, preserving, and querying paper-based R&D logs, Acer has established an eBook system as a replacement. Each member of the R&D team can set up their own log by logging into the system, with subsequent management, preservation, and querying a much simpler matter.

Encourage employees to innovate and create

To encourage employees to engage in inventive and creative work, Acer has established the Invention Incentive Scheme. In addition to a general patent application bonus and approval bonus, specific awards include an annual patent excellence bonus.

Establish a patent evaluation process to control patent quality

Patent engineers conduct technology analysis to filter out proposals that meet the novelty and inventive patent requirements with high innovation and high product application value and the country of the patent application will be determined through the patent evaluation meeting.

Benefits of Patent Strategy

Encouraging innovation

The use of patent awards, medals, and certificates encourages employees to engage in invention and creativity.

Demonstration of technical drive

Technology R&D is the main driving force for the survival and growth of our business, and that R&D must be linked with demonstrations of technical drive through patent applications.

Product competitiveness

Only with the protection of patent rights can we gain a secure edge in the market and keep our products competitive.

Exclusion of competition

The only way to obtain legal exclusivity of technology is to apply for a patent, which prevents competition from counterfeits and facilitates an exclusive market share.

Legal defense

Acer’s patent strategy is primarily defensive in nature. Different types of patent portfolios can increase negotiation leverage and reduce the risk of patent litigation.

Increasing patent bargaining power

After accumulating certain degree of patent strength, we are thus in possession of more favorable bargaining chips upon entering patent negotiations.

Income from royalties and disposition

If a patent is licensed or transferred to another entity, royalties or patent transfer fees may be received, creating real economic benefits for the Company.