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ESG Commitment

ESG Commitment

Sustainable Acer

Acer’s ESG policies and strategies are aligned with the Company’s development direction and the core spirit of the brand

While pursuing profitability, leading transformation, and providing innovative services, we will continue to create tangible and intangible values, and move toward a future-oriented enterprise by promoting sustainable model transfer and social influence with our three core beliefs of value creation, balance of interests, and sustainable management.

Acer ESG Policy

We believe that only by enabling companies to be environmentally and socially responsible while making profits will we be able to achieve long-term ESG development and move the world forward in a more sustainable direction. In addition, as ESG issues evolve and market needs change, Acer continues to pay attention to global ESG trends and actively develops more proactive ESG strategies to meet the world's challenges and opportunities.



2025 Sustainability Targets and 2022 Achievements

Circular Economy

Aspects: Sustainable Design | Recycled Materials | Reduce Plastic Packaging

2025 Goals

20-30% of PCR plastics content in computers and displays


2022 Accomplishment Results

17% of PCR plastics content in computers and displays

Climate Change

Aspects: Renewable Energy | Energy Efficiency | Carbon Reduction

2025 Goals

  • Acer Group to reach has accomplished 60% renewable electricity usage * RE100 reached by 2035
  • 45% reduction in average personal computer energy consumption in 2025, compared to 2016
  • 80% of critical supplier committed to RE100 or set carbon reduction SBTs

2022 Accomplishment Results

  • 44% using renewable electricity usage
  • Laptop: 39% ; Desktop computer: 35%
  • Rate of reduction in average personal computer energy consumption 60%: Critical suppliers commit to RE100 or set science-based carbon reduction targets (SBT)

Social Impact

Aspects: Environmental Friendliness |IT Education |Employee

2025 Goals

  • Over 90% of employees engaged in Project Humanity
  • 80% of global employees are actively engaged in their work

2022 Accomplishment Results

  • 71% of employees engaged in Project Humanity
  • 78% of global employees are actively engaged in their work

ESG Governance

In accordance with ESG's mission and policies, Acer has established the Corporate Sustainability Committee (CSC), chaired by the Chairman and CEO, with the ESG Office serving as the Executive Secretary. The committee members include: Chief Operating Officer, Chief Legal Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Sustainability Officer and other senior executives, who are responsible for approving sustainability visions, strategies and long-term goals, and reporting regularly to the Board of Directors.   

Under the Corporate Sustainability Committee, Corporate Governance Team, Risk Management Team, Innovation and Product Lifecycle Team, Environmental Management Team, and Supply Chain Management Team are established to communicate and coordinate important sustainability issues across departments, and to plan, implement, and track the progress and effectiveness of action projects on key issues. The Corporate Sustainability Committee convenes twice a year to oversee and review the sustainability actions and implementation status of each team, respond to stakeholder requests and expectations, review annual sustainability goals and develop medium- and long-term goals, and discuss and resolve important sustainability issues. Meetings in 2022 were held in June and December with 100% attendance.

The ESG Office is led by the Chief Sustainability Officer, who serves as the Executive Secretary of the Corporate Sustainability Committee. In addition to reporting regularly to the Corporate Sustainability Committee on trends, impacts and performance on sustainability-related issues, the ESG Office also serves as the Executive Secretary of the Corporate Sustainability Committee. It also plays a communication and integration role between the teams and the Corporate Sustainability Committee. In addition, to communicate effectively with our global locations, we have also established Sustainability Executive Secretary at Regional Headquarters , who is responsible for formulating Sustainability action plans and programs at regional headquarters to implement various sustainability issues management.

2022 Sustainability Committee Key Resolutions

  • Consideration and approval of material ESG topics
  • Reviewing the 2022 Sustainability Goals Performance and Action Plan
  • Approval of 2023 Sustainability Goals
  • Approval of Climate Change Vision, Strategy and Long-Term Goals
  • Feedback from Stakeholders

Acer Sustainability Governance