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Customer Service and Satisfaction

Customer Service and Satisfaction

Acer’s success depends on the trust our customers have in us. We strive to provide the highest quality in all of our operations. From product design through production to after-sales service, we continually strive for innovation and improvement, all while also complying with domestic and foreign legal requirements for performance and customer safety.

Leading brand company in sustainable management through innovation and attentive service and customer care, continuously improving the efficiency and quality of our services.

Acer's vision is to become a "leading brand company in sustainable management through innovation and attentive service and customer care, continuously improving the efficiency and quality of our services." We firmly believe in the pursuit of quality in everything we do, and that this approach will ensure we remain competitive. To ensure our customers are satisfied, we actively strive to understand their needs and to develop better, easier to use products and services that meet, or even surpass, expectations. In this way, we create greater value for our customers.

Multiple Service Channels

Acer is devoted to helping customers understand the features of our products and services, and to using a variety of methods to understand what our customers need. Our customers should feel free to contact us at any time and provide comments and suggestions through the following channels:

Acer Answers


Social Media


Online Chat


Call Center


D-port Repair


Mail service

We have set up maintenance centers around the world, and cooperate with authorized service centers where required. The network is made up of Acer-operated service centers and authorized maintenance centers. The five main characteristics of this service model are:


Improving Customer Service

Acer Taiwan continues to offer "One-Year Extended Warranty Card " in 2023 at distributors such as TsannKuen, Mitsui, CReTE and Acer eStore, allowing customers to purchase products with a one-year extended warranty according to their needs and continue to provide customized installation services for customers who purchase Acer products, so that if customers need to upgrade their services after purchasing Acer products, Acer's maintenance centers or authorized maintenance centers can provide related consultation and installation services. Acer USA provides a Customer Live Chat in more than 10 Central and South American countries in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish to handle customer calls from Central and South American countries other than the U.S. and Canada, and to handle customer questions online in a more real-time manner to reduce the hassle of sending products to repair centers. "WhatsApp" has been introduced in Central and South American countries, allowing customers to contact Acer's customer service window directly through the app on their cell phones. The customer service lines in Brazil still cooperate with the same partners that Acer has been working with for the past seven years.


Self-Testing System

The Acer Care Center is a software suite for optimizing Acer notebooks and desktops, helping users keep their devices in top condition. ACC can also link users to Acer’s support team to get them the assistance they need. ACC provides comprehensive service, including checks and updates, ensuring users can keep their devices up-to-date and running smoothly. The system can offer a dedicated page for each product by model and country through the product support page function, and customers can link to the pages to download product manuals and drivers, reducing the time spent by customers searching for product support services.

Acer Community: Online Communications, Prompt Responses

Acer Community websiteprovides customers with an online communications channel that enables them to post their problems at any time and receive prompt, accurate responses from other Acer Community members. Acer Community has reached 518,569 members in 2022 and continues to grow, with 19,545 new questions, 110,553 posts and comments, and over 5,000 solutions. There was a total of 9,775,169 visits with 17,327,049 views in 2022. In addition, in 2022, our ACE team added 1 additional superusers, for a total of 41. The website supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, German, Portuguese and French, providing channels that span borders.




New Questions



Posts And Comments





Acer Support

n addition, Acer Support has accumulated 138,000 subscribers on Youtube, and the Acer Support team occasionally releases in-depth videos that explain problems with Acer products, providing users with a quicker, more intuitive way to understand the products they are purchasing.

The Acer Product Evaluation Program

The Acer Product Evaluation Program (APEP) is a product testing program that allows expert members of the Acer Community to test out the latest products. Their feedback can then help us improve our products and be more innovative. Relevant departments, including the management team, marketing, and UX, evaluate and discuss user feedback and lay out plans for improvements.

Global Customer Relationship Management System

A good system is fundamental to excellent customer service. To improve customer service, we developed the Acer Customer Service System (CSS) to centrally manage Acer's directly- managed service centers, authorized service centers, professional maintenance companies, telephone service support centers, spare parts planning and warehouse management, as well as managing customer interactions through the network. In this way, we can ensure improved service speed and quality.

In addition, we have also improved the functions of the customer relationship management system, providing customers with a mobile application through which they can make inquiries and can track service requirements. Technical service engineers can also work online. In order to improve maintenance quality and reduce maintenance time, all regional service centers also make use of the Acer Diagnostics Suite (ADS). With the introduction of the ADS into maintenance centers, the system returns test results to the CSS to provide the basis for repair work, thereby improving diagnostic accuracy and improving the rate of second repairs.   

The new Global Customer Relationship Management System (Version 8) makes use of the latest technology to strengthen and integrate processes across regions. In 2022, Asia Pacific continues to use the new Version 8 system for corporate customers, improving the service and support provided to them and providing service for products beyond just computers.   

To improve security, all global CRM application versions have been upgraded to OS / SQL 2012 to support Acer's service business needs in global regions.

Acer In-House Training System: Improving Customer Service Problem Solving Capabilities

To provide consultation and assistance to customer service staff worldwide, Acer uses an online learning system (Acer E-Academy) to train frontline customer service staff and operations staff on new product expertise, FAQs, customer response skills and standard procedures, and includes online post-course evaluations. In order to improve the user interface and upgrade the coverage, Acer Europe introduced the eLearning portal to provide professional training to internal staff on maintenance techniques and troubleshooting. So far, different training courses have been added, and more are coming. Through this system, we are able to provide staff with the latest product knowledge, helping them more effectively deal with customer inquiries through a set of standard methods and through a virtual journey, even without seeing the actual product.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

We carry out Acer Customer Satisfaction Surveys in each country individually. As such, methods can vary. However, headquarters still regularly collects the results of our surveys and reviews them for trends and insights. Current survey methods include telephone, online, face-to-face interviews, and telephone interviews with corporate customers. In addition, we also began to ask customers about their purchasing experience on the Acer Store website and adding survey channels to enhance our services.   

To improve customer satisfaction, we conduct regular (weekly or monthly) reviews of authorized service centers; if a problem is found or an incident occurs, the center will also provide a corresponding corrective plan. Currently, the majority of both internal maintenance centers and partner authorized service centers, have successfully obtained relevant ISO certifications, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.   

In aggregate, our 2022 survey results show high global satisfaction, with positive customer evaluations accounting for 94.6% of total evaluations. The average customer satisfaction survey results were slightly higher than last year ̧ mainly because the epidemic was still severe at the beginning of the year and many maintenance departments were struggling to maintain service quality despite the shortage of manpower. Until July when the epidemic eased, the service efficiency gradually improved, but overall it was within the normal range of fluctuation.

Customer Satisfaction Survey