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Resource and Energy Management

Resource and Energy Management

Energy Management Policy

As one of the world's leading information technology companies, we are committed to achieving a balanced development of the economy, the environment, and society. We have set sustainable goals for environmental protection and energy conservation, pledging to continuously improve our environmental protection and energy saving performance to create an environmentally friendly working environment. "Energy Management Team" is established by integrating the resources of the company's global human resources, ESG office and general affairs department. This team will build an energy management system in accordance with the ISO 50001 international standard, aiming to reduce energy consumption, improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. ​ We promise:  

  • Enhance energy usage efficiency and reduce unnecessary energy wastage.​

  • Compliance with energy management regulations and implement energy-saving improvement actions.

  • Prioritize the procurement of energy-efficient products and support green energy-efficient designs.

  • Promote energy-saving awareness and continuously improve energy performance.​


ISO 50001

Energy Usage Management

The major energy consumption for Acer is office electricity, of which air conditioning, lighting, and information data center use are the primary ones. For effective management, we use systematic data collection to understand the usage situation and grasp the trend of change, and encourage each office area to carry out energy-saving measures such as optimizing power consumption equipment and strengthening power consumption management, as well as using green renewable electricity and producing renewable electricity in the hope of reducing office power consumption every year.   

The Xizhi Headquarter conducts ISO 50001 energy management system certification every year and uses the system to promote the setting of reduction targets. In 2022, after a comprehensive review and evaluation of the plan, we set a long-term goal of reducing total electricity consumption by 10% in 2030 compared to 2021. To further promote the use of energy efficiency in each office area, we are conducting energy-saving measures to evaluate two high electricity consumption office areas, including Acer's Enabling Data Center (eDC) Longtan Office and Aspire Resort II, and continue to explore the feasibility of various ways to reduce electricity consumption.

In 2023, we replace 2 sets of chilled water hosts for the air-conditioning system at Xizhi Headquarters, with an investment of about NT18 million , and it is estimated that about 0.26 million kWh of electricity can be saved each year.

Acer Taiwan's Main Water Saving Measures 



Waste Management

Acer does not have any manufacturing plants and the main source of waste is general household waste. To reduce waste production, we follow the practices of Recycle, Reuse and Reduce, and invite colleagues to participate in the global Earth Mission-21 Days Green Challenge to develop good habits of caring for the environment and to shape the concept of green environmental protection. 
In daily life, we encourage our employees to reduce the use of disposable plastic, tableware, and paper cups, and to strengthen waste reuse through the implementation of various resource recycling and regular business waste recycling management methods.


With 2022 as the base year, we set a global waste disposal target,
1. Short-term goal: 1% reduction in 2023 compared with the base year
2. Medium and long-term goal: 10% reduction in 2030 compared with the base year

Paper Usage Management

To mitigate the impact of deforestation and consequent biodiversity loss on the ecosystem, as well as to demonstrate our commitment to valuing paper resources, Acer Taiwan has implemented a variety of measures to Internal manage our paper usage.

  • Paper procurement:We choose to purchase copier paper with the PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) mark and toilet paper/paper towels with the Green Mark.
  • Paper selection: For computer report paper, report paper, envelopes and other paper products, we select suppliers who use environmentally friendly pulp at the source of manufacturing.
  • Internal promotion: Electronic document instead of paper printing, use of duplex and multi-page printing function, paper recycling, bring your own water cup to meetings and reduce the use of paper cups.

Water Resource Management

Acer's global business model is aimed at product sales and customer service without production and manufacturing. Thus, it does not consume a lot of water resources.    

As water resources became an important issue, Acer sets an annual goal of reducing the total water withdrawal by 1% compared to the previous year and a medium and long-term goal of reducing the total water withdrawal by 10% in 2025 compared to 2018 despite the general nature of office operations has limited effect on water consumption reduction. To achieve the goal, Acer collects global water consumption data and trends through systematic management with annual progress reviews. At the same time, we encourage all offices to implement water-saving measures such as water resource recycling and reuse, upgrading water equipment, and improving water management.

Acer Taiwan's Main Water Saving Measures