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Carbon Footprints and Product Environmental Performance

Carbon Footprints and Product Environmental Performance

At the product design stage, in addition to complying with legal and regulatory requirements for product sales in all regions, Acer continues to improve product energy efficiency, reduce the use of hazardous chemicals, facilitate recycling, and extend product life, all of which indicate our commitment to optimization of product design. Ultimately, we communicate and disclose the environmental performance of our products through a variety of environmental labels. For example, Taiwan has the Green Mark and the Energy Label; China's government procurement requires China Environmental Labeling; in Europe, Acer uses the TCO Certified to present the product performance on environment.

Product Energy Efficiency

Acer uses the US ENERGY STAR standard as the basis for product design in energy efficiency and will continue to offer more low energy consumption products to consumers. In 2022, 69% of our notebook, desktop, and monitor products obtained the ENERGY STAR certificate, and we have achieved the midterm goal of reducing the average power consumption of personal computers by 45% by 2025. The average energy consumption of notebook products reduced by 39% and the average energy consumption of desktop computer products reduced by 35% compared with 2016, which contributes GHG emission reduction of 130,445 metric ton of CO2.        


EPEAT and TCO Certified

EPEAT and TCO Certified are currently the most recognized environmental labels. In addition to requirements related to product chemical substances and energy consumption, aspects such as the use of recycled materials, product repairability, extending product life cycle and offering takeback services are mentioned. Moreover, EPEAT and TCO Certified emphasize the social and environmental responsibility of brand manufacturers and their suppliers including labor rights, occupational health and safety, and responsible mineral sourcing. In 2022, 13% of our products are EPEAT registered and 10% are TCO Certified. 

By using EPEAT Benefits Calculators, the GHG emission savings of EPEAT registered notebook, desktop, and monitor products is 47,000 metric ton of CO2 and energy savings of 247,000 MWh in 2022.

LCA and Carbon Footprint

To make a product sustainable, we must examine its impact on the environment and performance at various stages of development, using this as a basis for enhancing the sustainability of future products. Since 2019, to improve the product competitiveness in commercial bidding and meet customer demand, and at the same time respond to low-carbon trends, Acer has prepared product life cycle assessment reports and carbon footprint reports for representative products and has gradually introduced product carbon footprint calculation and assessment. In 2022, we have completed product carbon footprint report for all commercial notebook products (including Chromebooks) and representative models of desktop and display products. Please refer to Product Carbon Footprint for details.   

Through product carbon footprint report, we concluded that the stage of component manufacturing(including raw material acquisition) contributes the highest carbon footprint.



As part of our commitment to energy conservation, carbon reduction and sustainability, Acer has always focused on the energy-saving design of our products. ENERGY STAR is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect our climate through superior energy efficiency.Among ENERGY STAR specifications, those related to Acer products are computers (including laptops, desktops and all-in-one PCs) and displays. Please visit ENERGY STAR  to learn more and updated details for Acer products which has earned ENERGY STAR.


Manufacturers register products in EPEAT based on the devices’ ability to meet certain required and optional criteria that address the full product lifecycle, from design and production to energy use and recycling. Bronze-rated products meet all of the required criteria in their category. Silver-rated products meet all of the required criteria and at least 50% of the optional criteria, while Gold-rated products meet all of the required criteria and at least 75% of the optional criteria.               
Please visit EPEAT Website for more details or to search for registered Acer products in each country.


TCO is a global sustainability certification for IT products, aimed at promoting the environmental and social performance of IT products throughout their lifecycle. The criteria cover aspects of environmental and social responsibility within the supply chain and the entire IT product lifecycle, such as socially responsible manufacturing, reduction of hazardous substances, and product lifetime extension. 

Currently, there are more than ten product categories eligible for TCO certified, and there is a supplemental certification, TCO Certified Edge, available for specific products, showcasing even further sustainability performance. To learn more about Acer's TCO certified products, please visit TCO Website.

Taiwan Green Mark

Taiwan Green Mark is administered by the Environmental Protection Administration of Taiwan. Through the Green Mark system, the Taiwan EPA encourages manufacturers to consider how they can reduce environmental pollution and save resources during the product manufacturing process. By promoting waste reduction and recycling, the Taiwan EPA also reminds consumers to carefully choose recyclable, low-pollution, and resource-saving products to protect the environment.               

Taiwan Green Mark standards consider criteria including low energy consumption and low noise, easy disassembly, reducing hazardous substances, packaging and easy recycling. To learn more about Acer's products earned Taiwan Green Mark, please visit Nation Green Life Movement (in Chinese).

China Environmental Label

China Environmental Labelling Program is steering the green development of businesses, reducing pollution, and driving the green transition. It promotes producers addressing the impacts of their products on the environment in each process from product design to final disposal, thus meeting the targets of preventing pollution, protecting the environment, and gaining more benefits.             
To learn more about Acer's products earned China Environmental Label, please visit the website (in Chinese).