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Environmental Conservation

Environmental Conservation

Through our volunteer activities, we promote the concept of environmental conservation within the company and work with non-profit organizations to raise the environmental awareness of the community and Acer employees, thereby initiating environmental actions.

Acer Taiwan holds Reusable Bag Campaign

In the spirit of Project Humanity, Acer Taiwan held the "Reusable Bag Campaign” to encourage employees to donate their personal environmental bags for those in need to take away. In the end, 425 bags were collected and 143 bags were collected by colleagues. The remaining bags were donated to stores in need through the social enterprise Ubag, allowing more reusable bags to replace plastic bags.

Acer Germany Re-launches Bike Challenge

Acer Germany is once again launching a bicycle challenge in 2022 to encourage employees to commute to work by bicycle in order to promote employee health and reduce CO2 emissions. Designed by Acer Germany's IT department, the tracking tool allows all work-related or every trip that occurs during working hours to be entered into the tracking tool. This green initiative not only helped to increase employee satisfaction and fun, but also gave them the opportunity to earn rewards. 32 Acer employees eventually participated, riding 11,527 km and reducing 1,383 kg of CO2 emissions.

Acer America Volunteers elp harvest seeds from native seed farms

The Irvine Ranch Conservancy Native Seed Farm in California was created with the goal of restoring nearly 5,000 acres of native habitat and is therefore actively cultivating native seeds. Acer's USA Irvine colleagues volunteered to help harvest the native seeds, which will be separated, bagged, labeled, and placed in climate-controlled storage sheds for future restoration in local parks and nature preserves.

Acer Spain Installed Rooftop Solar Panel

Acer Spain has installed more than 100 solar panels on the top floor of its offices in 2022 to meet its commitment to use 100% renewable energy by 2035. By generating solar power for its own use, it can produce 80 megawatt hours of renewable energy per year, reduce electricity costs and cut CO2 emissions by about 27 tons, which is equivalent to planting 1,182 trees.

Acer Poland Asplex conducts supplier packaging reverse logistics

Acer's Asplex Service Logistics Center in Poland observed that the price of packaging materials continued to rise, and considering the "reduce/reuse/recycle" concept, thought about how to recycle the spare parts boxes provided by suppliers, which are still of good quality but contain many labels, tapes and markings. After testing, the results showed that one person could recycle 3,400 boxes per month; in addition, a paper cutter was used to reuse the boxes as filler material to reduce the cost of cushioning materials. These innovations not only reduce costs and carton waste, but also further reduce CO2 emissions and trees felling.

Acer America Designs Multi-Pack Boxes with Cost, Environmental and Social Benefits

Acer America designed the multi-packing box to support education customers with warehouse repair shipments. By using a single box for 10 notebooks instead of 10 individual boxes, education customers can more easily pack, ship and receive repaired equipment; in addition, the box can be reused up to four times, reducing corrugated cardboard material usage, packaging and shipping costs. Participants in this project include packaging material suppliers, logistics companies, Acer repair centers, educational customers and the Temple City Recycling Center, saving approximately US$500,000 per year in transportation and packaging costs and reducing CO2 emissions by 109.98 MTCO2E. At the same time, it enhances the relationship with important education customers and brings convenience and social benefits to education customers in terms of maintenance process.

Acer India participates in Earth Hour

Acer India is participating in Earth Hour by turning off all office lights between 4:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. on March 25 and not printing any documents during the afternoon. At the same time, we also launched a Green Month campaign to raise awareness and create a positive impact on the environment through weekly thematic green actions such as reducing the use of plastic bags and disposable utensils, and finally donating the second-hand materials collected to the Rakum School for the Blind in Indiranagar, Bangalore.

Acer Vietnam supports the World Environment Day

In response to World Environment Day, Acer Vietnam encouraged its employees to go green in their offices and homes in June. In the office, employees from different office areas compete in a green action competition, and each action translates into a tree planting fund; in the home, employees are required to take photos to record their family members' participation in green activities. In the end, 99 green initiatives were carried out and 99 trees were planted.

Acer China organizes "The Future of the Earth is Beautiful Because of You" environmental campaign

Acer China collaborated with netizens and lifestyle celebrities to invite the public to take part in environmental protection actions. 500,000 people participated in this campaign, increasing public awareness of environmental protection.

Acer China Encourages Colleagues to Take Green Actions

Through the "Ant Forest" Internet public welfare platform, Acer China encourages colleagues to donate the virtual green energy gained from green travel and green recycling to projects such as carbon neutral Asian Games, habitat protection and tree planting, with an accumulative total of 2,738 kg of energy donated.