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Health and Safety in the Work Environment

Health and Safety in the Work Environment

Acer has formulated a Environment, safety and health policy and implemented an occupational safety and health management system. This way, we are able to ensure we meet our goals of creating a safe workplace environment and atmosphere while also strengthening safety and health management.


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Occupational Safety Health Management System Investments and Implementation Results of Acer Taiwan 

Implementation of Safety and Health Supervision and Management

To ensure that safety and health are effectively managed and monitored, we encourage employees to call our internal 1911 service line immediately if they find any safety and health issues in the workplace that could affect them. At the same time, employees can use the labor-management meeting to propose safety and health improvement suggestions, and the responsible unit will evaluate and respond to the proposals according to their content. In addition, the ESH Team conducts an annual hazard assessment of the activities and service areas of all workers in the organization. At the same time, ESH Team conducts risk and opportunity assessment by investigating the needs and expectations of stakeholders. The ESH Team also sets management objectives for high-risk and high-opportunity items and propose a management plan, and track the implementation progress through regular meetings on a quarterly basis. 

We take every accident in the workplace seriously. When an accident is reported, we provide health care to the injured employee, initiate investigation with labor representatives, develop corrective measures and conduct internal promotion to prevent recurrence of the accident.

Acer Global Occupational Accident Statistics 2022

 Full TimeNon-full Time
Number of Deaths0000
Occupational Injury Death Rate0000
Number of Severe Occupational Injuries0000
Number of Days Lost to Serious Occupational Injuries0000
Severe Occupational Injury Rate0000
Number of Recordable Occupational Injuries7705
Number of Recordable Occupational Injury Loss Days3380.5095
Recordable Occupational Injury Rate0.240.1502.88
Number of Occupational Diseases1200
  1. The above statistics cover Taiwan, EMEA, Pan-Asian, Pan-American, and China regions. Traffic accidents to and from work are not included.
  2. Definition of each category:
    • (Occupational injury fatality rate: number of occupational injury fatalities/hours worked) * 200,000
    • Severe Occupational Injuries: Injuries resulting from occupational injuries that make it difficult for workers to return to their pre-injury state of health within six months
    • Severe occupational injury rate: (number of severe occupational injuries (excluding fatalities)/hours worked)*200,000
    • Number of recordable occupational injuries: net of fatalities and serious occupational injuries
    • Recordable occupational injury rate: (number of recordable occupational injuries/hours worked)*200,000
    • The number of occupational diseases: must be approved by medical institutions.
  3. Working hours: Since our offices are located in many countries around the world, for the sake of consistency, the calculation is based on 248 working days in Taiwan * 8 hours of work per day * total number of people in each location.
  4. Three cases of occupational diseases are from EMEA.

Strengthening Safety and Health Participation and Awareness

We believe that in order to build a safe and hygienic workplace culture, it is essential to strengthen the safety and health awareness of workers. We disseminate safety and health information through multiple channels such as internal and external meetings, education training, health education, and health promotion activities to raise employees' awareness of safety and health, and to remind them that if they encounter hazards in the workplace, their own safety should be their first priority and they should be notified afterwards.   

We also value the participation, consultation and communication of workers. Acer Taiwan has set up an Occupational Safety and Health Committee, which meets quarterly to review and discuss related business activities. In order to enable employees to understand the safety and health management practices and results, we have set up an internal safety and health website and information platform, and at the same time, we are able to communicate with workers immediately in response and feedback to build mutual consensus.

Acer Occupational Safety and Health Committee Organization Chart

First-aid Training

Emergency Personnel

          65 people

Emergency Rescue Drill


1 sessions


51 people



 1 sessions


21 people

Health and Safety Training

Safety and Health Management Personnel


17 people

Training for new employees


16 sessions



1,719 people

Fire Prevention Training

Fire Prevention Supervisor


3 people

Fire Prevention Seminar


1 sessions


79 people


Constructing a Healthy Workplace Culture

We believe that the health of our employees is a key indicator of corporate sustainability, and Acer Taiwan has dedicated and contracted medical staff to implement health protection programs through annual health checkups, health management, health promotion, and occupational injury and illness prevention to protect the health of our employees. At the same time, we combine the resources of the Employee Relations Department, the Welfare Committee, the Fitness Center and other units to organize a variety of physical and mental health care activities to strengthen employees' attention to health and build a healthy workplace culture.

Key Elements of Health Protection Program Implementation

Key Elements of Health Protection Program Implementation

Health Check Rate

Medical examination for new staff


100 %

Employee Health Checks


85 %

Management Health Checks


83.8 %


Health Management

Health Guidance


1466 participants

Basic measurement


136 participants

Medical Care Treatment


216 participants

Bed Rest


23 participants

Case Tracking


130 participants

Occupational Therapy Consultation


87 participants

Epidemic Prevention Tracking


1632 people


Health Promotion

Health Promotion

       6 sessions

Health Seminars


6 sessions


457 participants


Fitness Testing


2 sessions


151 people


Weight Loss


38 participants


84 kg


Smoking Cessation


2 participants


1 participants

Health Promotion


6 sessions

Female Protection


27 people


25 people

Nursing Room Access

2834 participants

Visually Impaired Massage


1120 participants



Occupational Injury and Disease Prevention

Female Health Protection

Medical Consultations

20 participants

Human-caused Hazard Prevention

Health Tracking

19 participants

Abnormal Workload Promotes Disease Prevention

Health Tracking

6 participants

Encountering Wrongful Actions in the Course of Performing One’s Duties Prevention

Establishment of Complaint Hotline/Executive Education Training