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Education and Digital Inclusion

Education and Digital Inclusion

Education and Digital Inclusion

Acer believes that education is the most valuable investment in the future. Education empowers people to move forward, while technology provides the best help to explore the limits. By putting our core competencies to their fullest use, we hope to achieve the following goals:

Boosting Digital Inclusion and Addressing the Lack of Educational Resources

Technology can bring improvements to quality of life and open up a number of possibilities. Empower everyone enjoy the convenience and opportunities technology brings is one of Acer's goals, and through cooperations between our global locations and non-profit organizations, we are able to extend the reach of technology to different groups. In recent years, we have also encouraged our staff to get involved in activities and transform the results of them into products, school supplies, and funds that can help improve education quality in rural and remote areas. In 2022, Acer Group’s social projects around the world made use of Acer’s core competencies and products to support disadvantaged or needy communities.

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Acer volunteers help disadvantaged students enhance digital abilities on a Long-term Basis

In response to Project Humanity's theme of "Education" and "Environment," the Quality and Service Unit has partnered with the Taiwan Faith Hope Love Development Association in Xizhi since 2020 to assist and accompany disadvantaged children in their computer studies. This volunteer service is provided by Acer volunteers who collect and repair used computers by integrating resources from various units within Acer and design a variety of courses for students, including software, hardware and digital literacy. Even though the program was interrupted by the epidemic, Acer volunteers continued this long-standing volunteer service and received an overwhelming response from the students.

Acer Thailand helps rural schools to implement information education

Ban Sri Pan School in Lampoon, northern Thailand, has 150 students and 12 teachers, 97% of whom come from poor families and 3% of whose parents are ethnic minorities. Acer Thailand communicated with the school to understand the school's needs. Nine colleagues visited the school and donated six AIO computers, one projector and one TV for the computer classroom. In addition, to improve the computer classroom environment and the school's drinking water system, a donation from employees and the company was provided to help the information education in the remote school.

Acer Brazil supports Little Citizen's House to help disadvantaged communities

Acer Brazil donated 26 notebook computers, 10 monitors, 2 projectors, some accessories and gaming chairs to the NGO Little Citizen's House (originally from Casa do PequenoCidadão in Portuguese). This organization provides shelter for underprivileged children and youth, social inclusion support services for the physically and mentally challenged, and also serves as a day care center for the elderly. Through Acer's donation, disadvantaged children, teenagers and adults will have increased access to the digital world, entertainment and STEMnote education. Note: STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics     
Note : STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Acer Philippines' long-term support for The Margaretha Home for the Blind to enhance information capabilities

For the past five years, Acer Philippines has been a long-term donor to the Margaretha Home for the Blind, an organization that cares for 15 visually impaired women, most of whom come from underprivileged families. Acer has been donating laptops and desktops to build computer classrooms, and providing school supplies and daily necessities to help them improve their information skills, in order to support their vision "to see a community of blind people who live decently and with dignity, a community of blind people who support and care for each other".

Creating Opportunities for the Youth

今Today's youth are tomorrow's leaders and innovators, and we want to stimulate their potential to become the nourishment of the future. By organizing and sponsoring various activities, we nurture outstanding talents by providing resources such as exchange, training and scholarships for young students who are not afraid of adventures and challenges. We look forward to continuing to use our products and expertise to support young students in building a better future.

Acer sponsors the 2022 International Olympiad in Informatics

Acer America Sponsors LPGA for 10th Consecutive Year


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Deepening the Application of Technology to Education

Partnering with Microsoft to Train Innovative Teachers and Drive Educational Transformation 

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