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Products and Services that Respond to Society

Products and Services that Respond to Society

Bike Desks with Kinetic Energy Conversion

Subsidary: Acer Gadget

The Acer eKinekt BD 3 combines a stationary bike and a desk, allowing users to exercise while working. The bike desk’s energy generated by pedaling is converted into electricity to power the machine and charge personal devices. When the pedals are in rotation, kinetic energy can be converted into electricity where pedaling at 60 RPM for one hour can generate about 75 watts of electricity. The bike desk can charge laptops and other devices, while accomplishing both work and exercise. The desk surface and outer case are made from post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR) to demonstrate our long-term commitment to finding a balance between innovative solutions and a sustainable environment. Acer eKinekt BD 3 is equipped with USB Type-A and USB Type-C ports, which can charge multiple mobile devices at the same time, and it comes with a bag hook and beverage holder. Users can easily adjust the desk surface position of eKinekt and switch between work or sports mode. The exclusive mobile app that comes with the Acer eKinekt BD 3 can track user exercise history over a certain period, displaying information such as riding time, calories consumed,and power generation.

Acer Air Monitor Pro

Subsidary:  Acerpure

Acer’s air quality improvement solution is a collaboration between Acer and its subsidiary Acerpure. As the detector detecting various air quality indicators (PM2.5, PM10, CO, O3, TVOC, etc.), it displays the air quality information on the panel which is supported by multiple devices (Computer, mobile phone, tablet), so the users can view the indoor air quality in real time. With the pollution issues solved, we collaborated with several air purifier manufacturers to develop air purifier and improve the air quality. The collected data is used for one-stop platform data management and data analysis through the AI prediction module and cloud communication technology.    

This one-stop platform provides solutions for software, hardware and services from detection, display, improvement to monitoring indoor air quality. Since 2019, it has been deployed in more than 4,000 sites such as campuses, commercial sites, and hospitals, providing users with a healthy breathing environment. It also provided opportunities for day care centers to obtain the world's first International WELL Building Certification in 2022. Real-time monitoring and improvement of indoor air quality can reduce human health hazards caused by air pollution, and solutions across various sites can help to build a sustainable city and environment with good air quality.

AI-Driven e-Bikes

Subsidary: Acer Gadget

Acer ebii is an electric bicycle with AI technology at the core to meet the diverse demand of cyclists through the smart ebii Box. It utilizes ebiiAssist technology to automatically adapt to route conditions, pedaling power and user preferences, providing users with a relaxed and pleasant ride and an uninterrupted journey. Acer ebii is equipped with longlasting battery life, smart security, and anti-theft capabilities with a streamlined and lightweight design, allowing users to roam the city streets with style, comfort, and convenience.    

With our innovative technology and creative design, the Acer ebii electric bicycle implements Acer's commitment to corporate sustainability, demonstrates excellence in sustainable development and user experience, and provides urban commuters with convenient, safe and environmentally friendly mobility options.

AI-Assisted Medical Diagnostic Software

Subsidary: Acer Medical

Acer Medical's smart medical device VeriSee DR ( AI detection of diabetic retinopathy) was launched in September 2020 and has been introduced to more than 150 medical institutions at all levels in Taiwan and overseas to assist hospitals to increase the screening rate of diabetic retinopathy and improve the quality of eye care for people with diabetes. VeriSee DR has been adopted by nearly 80% of medical centers and medical institutions at all levels in Taiwan. At present, it is estimated that more than 350,000 diabetic patients in Taiwan can enjoy the non-mydriatic AI fundus examination service every year. That is, about 1 out of every 3 diabetics who have regular diabetes screenings uses AI fundus screening. Through AI analysis and symptom annotation, VeriSee DR can assist healthcare providers in the care of diabetes patients to speed up the diagnosis time of diabetic retinopathy, improve the detection accuracy, and effectively direct high-risk eye disease patients to ophthalmologist for follow up and treatment. Through AI detection software, healthcare providers in diabetes care deliver higher-quality services, and at the same time allow ophthalmologists to focus more on treating high-risk eye disease patients.

Smart Rainfall and Flood Control Water Storage System

Subsidary:  Acer Being Communication

Water is one of the most important environmental issues in the world. In the process of urbanization, buildings turn the water retention soil into reinforced concrete that cannot absorb water, not allowing the rainwater to be converted and stored as groundwater. It increases the load on the underground waterway, which increases the probability of urban flooding. In addition, with the increase in population, the daily water consumption has been greatly increased, and the widespread water supply pipelines have also hidden problems of water leakage and water quality. To combat this issue, Acer Being Communication released the "Smart Rainfall and Flood Control Water Storage System" which utilizes the raft foundation of urban buildings for runoff to achieve urban flood control. The system provides flood control and flood detention where cloud commands are issued based on weather forecasts, real-time rainfall, and the water level of nearby rainwater sewers to automatically control valves and pumps to achieve resilient urban water storage and drought prevention, drainage, and flood detention.

Air Purifiers

Subsidary:  Acerpure

Acerpure is a subsidiary of Acer, focusing on the R&D of high-efficiency and intelligent clean home appliances. The primary product is the 2–in-1 air circulator and purifier that combines air purifier and circulation capabilities which filters polluted air through intelligent sensing and higher grade HEPA filters, delivers clean air to all corners of the house, reduces the chance of virus spreading indoors, ensures the clean environment and health of users, and realizes smart home through remote control app. In addition to the 2-in-1 Acerpure Cool, Acerpure has developed a high-efficiency air purifier that combines CO2 detection with disinfection UVC light and will launch a water purifier and cordless vacuum product line in 2022, providing a full range of purified life in air quality, drinking water and home cleanliness.Numerous products of Acerpure have won international awards, including iF Design Award, Good Design and Taiwan Excellence Award. They have been recognized for their outstanding performance in product design, quality and energy-saving certification and they are available in the global markets such as Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, France, and Switzerland.

Smart parking solution

Subsidary:  Acer ITS INC

Acer ITS INC. has successfully deployed more than 6,500 smart parking spaces with Smart parking solution in Taipei, New Taipei, Miaoli, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Pingtung, and other cities.This solution combines vehicle detection, license plate recognition, smart ticketing, and diversified payment capabilities, providing users with automated, intelligent, and efficient smart parking and management services through the front and back-end of the system. Compared with traditional paperbased ticketing, this system recognizes license plates, accurately calculates rates, transmits and analyzes big data, reduces manpower and paper consumption, and helps government agencies to improve parking management efficiency. Drivers can use the parking app to instantly query the parking spot information via Internet, reducing traffic congestion and air pollution as resulted by detours, and improving the turnover rate of parking spaces. Users can conveniently use electronic tickets or app to automatically pay parking fees for a non-induction payment.

Vero Products Made with Recycled Materials


In 2021, Acer launched the first eco-friendly laptop Aspire Vero. From 2022, Acer expanded the Vero concept on sustainable design to more product lines and models, reducing energy consumption and pollution generated in the development of new products. At present, there are a variety of laptops and monitors, as well as all-in-one desktop computers, projectors, and peripheral accessories, all of which adopted the Vero concept. They use paint-free chassis, environmentally friendly recycled materials and packaging to reduce carbon emissions and pollution. Vero products have also obtained international certifications such as TCO, EPEAT or the US ENERGY STAR label.

Service and repair for multi-brand products

Subsidary:  Highpoint Service Network Corporation

HSN provides multi-brand inspection with multi-country support and the authorization of original manufacturer. HSN provides after-sales service for consumer electronics, including computers, smartphones, workstations, and appliances. HSN has been authorized by more than 30 international brands to provide consumer inspection, repair, maintenance, and upgrade services. HSN provides a full range of services based on customer demands, from pre-purchase consultation, product function setting, warranty, maintenance, to product recycling at the end of the service life. HSN provides services in every step of the product life cycle, reduce the burden on enterprises and consumers, and improve product performance and reduce environmental impact.

Facial recognition systems predict mood changes in people with dementia


Acer and Acer Medical developed a face recognition system that uses facial emotions to determine possible dementia. The R&D team and physicians use the Neuropsychiatric Inventory (NPI) as a standard, establish a prediction model based on AI algorithms, and complete the Acer NPI Auxiliary System, which integrates 4 AI algorithms including face recognition, mask recognition, emotion recognition and NPI. Traditionally, professionals have relied on neuropsychological assessment and NPI to determine dementia symptoms, and the assessment results may vary due to personnel experience or patients' expressive ability. Through the long-term and systematic collection of facial expression data provided by the solution and the prediction model established by AI, real-time NPI scores can be obtained for each recognition, eliminating differences in human evaluation, and enabling prompt intervention for early detection of abnormal emotions. As of the end of 2022, this system has been successfully introduced into 22 nursing institutions in Taiwan. In addition to reducing the burden on medical staff, it can intervene immediately when symptoms occur, delaying the rapid decline of body functions, and helping to prolong the health of elders.

Energy storage system

Subsidary:  Smart Frequency

With the latest technology with safe and stable lithium-iron batteries, Smart Frequency has developed a series of small household energy storage products with elegant design, safety and reliability. In addition to the uninterruptible power system (UPS), the use of the products ranges from home emergency backup power, outdoor power supply, outdoor photography to picnics. It can be a small power supply center for various equipment (1kWh, 2kWh, Max. 3kWh), without the unpleasant smell and noise of traditional generators and can be charged with solar panels to provide reliable, clean, green and environmentally friendly backup power.

Medical Antibacterial System (Computer/Monitor/Keyboard & Mouse)

Subsidary:   AOpen

With the raised health awareness of epidemic prevention in Taiwan, the use of antibacterial equipment is no longer limited to medical institutions. AOpen has launched a full range of antibacterial medical computers/monitors and washable keyboards/mouses. The equipment is made of silver ion antibacterial material, which has passed the EN/UL 60601-1 International Product Safety Standards for Medical Devices. It effectively reduces and inhibits the growth of bacteria, and can prevent Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and other bacteria from growing. The keyboard and mouse can also be cleaned with common detergents for optimal disinfection to protect the health of the next user.