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Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology

Important Innovative Technology in 2022

BiFrost composite cooling management system

The cooler and quieter BiFrost composite cooling management system is designed for desktop computers where special dual fan configuration allows most of the air to be exhausted and only part of the hot air remains inside. Coupled with the Vapor Chamber design, it can effectively reduce the internal temperature of the computer through its extremely high temperature uniformity and conductivity. Compared with the dual-axial fan design, the intake air temperature of the graphics card can be reduced by up to 7 degrees.

This design is combined with the 5th generation Acer AeroBlade 3D metal fan that was only available in Acer notebooks which is 87.5% thinner than normal generic plastic fans and can increase the airflow during rotation, and with axial FrostBlade™ 2.0 technology to keep the system cool and ventilated at any time; it utilizes a static pressure design to optimize airflow while reducing vibration and noise and speeding up the cooling via a new arc-shaped design along the ends of the fins. This design is applied to the Predator BiFrost Intel® Arc™ A770 OC graphics card launched by Acer and Intel in 2022.

Optimize charging according to user behavior

According to different user behavior, the notebook batteries are categorized in different working environments (voltage during storage, temperature during operation, current during charge and discharge, etc.), which indirectly causes different degrees of battery aging, and affects the battery life.    

For users who always keep the notebook adapter plugged in, the desktop-like usage will cause the battery to be stored in a high voltage state for a long time, which will accelerate the aging of the battery and reduce the battery life.    

For users maintaining a regular habit of using computers for daily life and work, there will also be a certain behavioral pattern. For instance, a fixed behavioral pattern may involve shutting down and charging the computer at 11 PM, and then turning it on for use at 7 AM in the morning. Acer’s battery management system will optimize the charging algorithm for different user behavior patterns, thereby delaying battery aging and increasing battery life.    

Enable Battery Adaptive Charging setting through the built-in Acer Care Center, the battery health will increase by more than 25% after charging and discharging 500 cycles.    

Acer has completed the development and verification of the prototypes in 2022 and will select the models for mass production with evaluation and confirmation.

Acer SpatialLabs technology delivers an intuitive interaction and immersive

stereoscopic 3D

In the time where physical and virtual reality are increasingly integrated, Acer's SpatialLabs™ technology presents an excellent medium. This technology allows users to watch immersive stereoscopic 3D model imaging without wearing glasses, bring the virtual world to the reality and providing users with the latest and most intuitive stereoscopic 3D experience.        

Acer and LightMatrix Inc. combine the most advanced optical technology, display, AI and real-time rendering technology to integrate digital 3D models of artifacts in the National Palace Museum's special exhibition "Curio cabinets and the Collection, Storage, and Display of Artifacts" for a new 3D interactive experience. Acer and LightMatrix Inc. broke through the limitation of the glass display, allowing visitors to easily view high-precision 3D digital models without wearing special glasses. Through UHD 4K screen and the interactive mode of gesture tracking, stereoscopic 3D images are clear and vivid, and artifacts seem to pop out of the screen. Viewers can operate and interact with artifacts more intuitively, take out artifacts from Curio cabinets, rotate and adjust the angle of the artifacts in 360 degrees, savor the historical traces and details, with the innovative, immersive, and interactive experience.