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Product Quality

Product Quality

Acer's Quality Policy

Acer's quality policy places an emphasis on DELIVERING ZERO-DEFECT, COMPETITIVE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES TO CUSTOMERS ON TIME. The motto "proud to serve, proud of Acer" shows our commitment to providing professional services. We encourage innovative thinking in our endless pursuit to satisfy customer needs and provide the most cutting-edge technologies. We perform strict quality control to ensure safe products and win the trust of our customers. Finally, we have developed an end-to-end customer service system to give customers a peace of mind.


The Quality of Product


Acer is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, meaning our quality control and environmental management systems meet international standards. It is primarily concerned with quality management and fulfillment of customer demands for quality. Acer works early on in the design stage to provide customers with reassurance and high quality products. All Acer products must undergo relevant reliability, compatibility, and regulatory compliance, mobile operator test, field test in Taiwan and other countries and global selected key power user (GPU) test before mass production. To further confirm product stability, all products undergo the On-going Reliability Test (ORT) during mass production.


After new products enter the market, we launch an Early Warning Program to check the status of products at all times. Any problems are immediately reported to Acer headquarters upon discovery, and improvements are immediately incorporated into products already under production. Every week we compile product repair reports, in which we record problems, causes, consequences and solutions.