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Continuous Learning and Growth

Continuous Learning and Growth

The Competitiveness of Sustainable Development

In line with the strategic development direction of the Company, the training policy for 2022 is to continue to refine the leadership and management capabilities of the Group at all levels. And we continue to promote ESG related training in order to strengthen the competitiveness of sustainable development. In 2022, leadership and management trainings were conducted at all management levels, with 25,011 employees trained worldwide in 2022, for a total of 92,273.5 training hours, with 6,821 employees trained and an average of 13.52 training hours per employee (exceeding the target of 13.5 hours). The average training cost per person is US$ 194.3. All training organized on the principles of work demand, gender equality, and equality of opportunity.   

In response to the increasingly complex and uncertain business environment, we will strengthen the situational leadership skills of our executives and continue to strengthen the cultivation of organizational talent to lay the foundation for the ability of our succession team. The average number of training hours per employee is estimated to grow to at least 13.6 hours by 2023.

2022 Global Employee Training Performance

Worldwide Training

25011 attendees


Total number of training hours

92273.5 hours


Total number of trainees

6821 people


Average training duration

13.5 hours

Acer Training Management Flow Chart


Define Training Policy


Define Training Objectives


Design training program


Execute training


K-model effectiveness evaluation and performance tracking

2022 The Average Training Hours per Employees per year, by Gender and Employee Category

Pan Asia Pacific
Pan America
Senior Management Mid-level / Junior Supervisor General Staff
Female Male Female Male Female Male
Number of Trainees 47 183 903 2,031 3,550 4,520
Course Hours 162 592 3,316 7,335 11,560 14,881
Participants 11 37 167 358 741 950
Average Hours of Training Per Person 16 20 16
Senior Management Mid-level / Junior Supervisor General Staff
Female Male Female Male Female Male
Number of Trainees 6 53 209 487 988 2,343
Course Hours 98 567 1,259 3,530 4,652 10,797
Participants 2 19 94 223 496 1,205
Average Hours of Training Per Person 32 15 9
Senior Management Mid-level / Junior Supervisor General Staff
Female Male Female Male Female Male
Number of Trainees 3 28 333 667 1,569 2,652
Course Hours 12 313 1,471 2,836 6,568 9,053
Participants 2 10 84 179 477 686
Average Hours of Training Per Person 27 16 13
Senior Management Mid-level / Junior Supervisor General Staff
Female Male Female Male Female Male
Number of Trainees 9 25 115 202 706 1,013
Course Hours 122 175 463 778 2,101 3,177
Participants 5 11 44 65 210 303
Average Hours of Training Per Person 19 11 10
Senior Management Mid-level / Junior Supervisor General Staff
Female Male Female Male Female Male
Number of Trainees Note: The senior executive of China region is currently served by the senior executive of headquarters 19 201 430 733 986
Course Hours 43 468 1,022 2,039 2,889
Participants 2 28 60 144 208
Average Hours of Training Per Person 22 17 14


2022 Supervisor Training Camp (Learning Reflection Activity)

Project Management Training - Case Discussion

Emergency Personnel Training—Practical Test

Acer Training System 

Highlight Training: "2022 e-Commerce Optimization and Operation Training Camp" (China Operation Headquarters)


The training is designed to strengthen the e-commerce knowledge of the China operation headquarters staff, develop core marketing skills, and familiarize them with the Company's products and basic marketing tools and techniques to increase profitability through efficient e-commerce services and sales methods.


Through training, all e-commerce employees in the consumer and commercial business units are required to attend 20 hours of training on e-commerce operations.

  • E-commerce operations full chain of interpretation (2 hours)
  • Platform Traffic Operation - SEO Explanation (2 hours)
  • Platform Traffic Operation and Paid Promotion - Optimization Strategies for Jingjun Pass Placement (2 hours)
  • Jingdong store all-dimensional internal skills to build and improve (2 hours)
  • Customer service training (2 hours)
  • Platform 2022 11.11 promotion operation whole process planning & interpretation (8 hours)
  • Jingdong Digital Square computer category application training (2 hours)

During the training, the instructor explained the necessary e-commerce skills in the process of cooperation between Acer and Jingdong, especially the overall e-commerce marketing strategy, the latest marketing tools, the service model, the basic operation planning and rules of Jingdong stores, and let colleagues learn the search engine optimization (SEO) rules to enhance the operational effectiveness.

Training Efficiency

During the training process of e-commerce, the trainees have understood the essence of Acer's operation in cooperation with Jingdong. In the simulation project, students will be able to grasp the relevant e-commerce practices in more detail and improve the existing e-commerce operation management more precisely, laying down the key success factors for future operation.


  • Training Satisfaction, Learning and Application  
    The training score is 4.5 (out of 5). The course participants generally believe that the non-business colleagues understand the needs of the front-end business colleagues more fully, and the business colleagues can better integrate e-commerce knowledge with the practice. It is therefore improve the Company's performance, and also significantly improve their personal e-commerce knowledge, ability, and experience.
  • Benefiting from the knowledge and skills of e-commerce operations in this training,The China Operation reached a new high in e-commerce transactions during the 618 Shopping Festival in 2022, with annual channel-wide growth of more than 50%; and continued to maintain channel-wide growth of more than 10% and significantly outperformed the general market during the Double Eleven in 2022.

People Analytics

In the course of transforming Acer into a lifestyle brand company, the talent management becomes increasingly important issue for the company’s sustainable development. To fully maximize our human capital, the managers at all level in Acer have a 'systematic' view of developing, retaining, and working with our current talents and high potentials.   

To fulfill the requirements, the managers in Acer are advised to use 9-Box Grid framework to do the XY chart analysis on both performance and potentials of our employees, with each box having its unique implication in development and career growth. In essence, it helps the managers to draw up the individual development plans, examine succession readiness, or identify flight risks.