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Acer America Volunteers Join Seed Harvesting at Irvine Native Seed Farm


In November 2022, Acer employees at the Irvine, California office participated in a volunteer event at the Irvine Ranch Conservancy Native Seed Farm. The event was chosen because it aligns with one of Acer’s ESG & Project Humanity themes for this year: Environment and Biodiversity. Biodiversity has become an important issue to Acer’s many internal and external stakeholders and this event was as part of its ongoing efforts to support biodiversity commitment.


The volunteer event at the seed farm provided participants with an opportunity to harvest seeds to cultivate native plants that are used to rehabilitate various areas throughout Irvine parks and nature preserves. The participants helped harvest seeds from several native plants that grow on the farm. Additionally, they attended a short tour of the farm and learned about the process of harvesting, storing, and planting the seeds. Participants also learned about the regional program to rehabilitate the native Tecate Cypress throughout Southern California, which has been hit hard by wildfires in the area. The Conservancy is involved in cultivating seedlings to support the effort.


The Irvine Ranch Conservancy Native Seed Farm was established in 2009 to meet the huge demand for seeds needed to support the Conservancy's ambitious goal of restoring almost 5,000 acres of native habitat. Today the farm grows about 45 species on 8 acres, including a wide variety of flowers, grasses, and shrubs, and some locally rare species. The seeds harvested at the farm support restoration projects managed by the Conservancy and funded by partners such as OC Waste & Recycling, the Orange County Transportation Authority, OC Parks, and the City of Irvine. Moreover, the farm provides the public with a unique opportunity to actively participate in the restoration of sensitive habitats.


Acer's participation in this event is an example of the company's commitment to taking concrete actions to support biodiversity conservation near its local operations. As part of its ongoing efforts to promote sustainability, Acer will continue to explore new ways to support environmental conservation initiatives.


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It was so much fun to get outside with colleagues to build our relationships and to do our part to restore sensitive native habitats so that Irvine Ranch’s natural landmarks can be enjoyed for generations to come.


Eric Gilbert Senior Manager

Environmental, Social & Governance

Acer Irvine volunteers joined IRC staff to harvest California croton and tarragon seeds at the IRC Native Seed Farm. These seeds will aid in the restoration of Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks. Different harvesting methods were applied, with the Acer team quickly adapting. Croton fruits must be ripe for viable seeds, while tarragon requires less discernment. The sound of fruits hitting buckets echoed along the rows. By the program's end, buckets were filled with brown and green stems.


Chrystene Newman Coordinator

Irvine Ranch Conservancy Program


Irvine Ranch Conservancy Native Seed Farm volunteer event. Acer Irvine office employees (left to right: Ray Seow, Eric Gilbert, Jade Zhou, James Kim, Shelby Munoz, John King, Ravi Kiruveedula)