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Acer Employee Bike Challenge: Driving Greener Commutes and Healthier Lifestyle


Acer Germany held its 2022 Acer Bike Challenge for employees (from June 1- August 31), aligning with the "Stadtradeln" city cycling campaign in Germany. This initiative, first held in 2021 , was designed to inspire employees to swap their cars for bicycles, reduce CO2 emissions and promote employee well-being.


Participation was open to all employees with clear rules in place: any work-related trips during working hours or related to work would be counted by a tracking tool. This included journeys to and from the office and lunchtime rides. Private trips like weekend cycling weren't considered for the challenge.


The tracking tool, a testament to Acer's commitment to innovation, was developed in-house by the IT department, with contributions from SEO trainees. It exemplified the company's collaborative spirit.


To ensure inclusivity of employees with long commutes, those traveling significant distances could benefit from   the company's mobility management budget, by taking their bikes on the train to Ahrensburg and cycling the 'last mile.' This equitable approach ensured everyone could participate, regardless of the distance of their commute.


Prizes were rewarded to the top three performing employees in two categories: the longest distance travelled and the highest number of trips. Every participant received an Acer-branded goodie bag with healthy snacks inside, while additional prizes were given in a raffle. Acer also celebrated the challenge with pizza and sushi for lunch for all participants as a gesture of gratitude for participating in the challenge.   


The 2023 Acer Bike Challenge was very successful than the year before and motivated more employees to participate. Thirty-three employees  enthusiastically embraced the initiative, collectively covering 10,522 kilometers and avoiding 1,638 kilograms  of CO2 emissions.


Acer's bike challenge had a multifaceted impact:
1.    Environmental Responsibility: significantly reduced CO2 emissions, contributing to a greener future.
2.    Employee Satisfaction and Teamwork: fostered camaraderie and teamwork among employees, boosting morale and job satisfaction.
3.    Employee Well-being: promoting cycling to work led to healthier lifestyles among employees, reducing stress and improving cardiovascular health.
4.    Incentivizing Sustainability: prizes and recognition underscored the importance of environmentally friendly actions, motivating employees to participate.




Participating in the bike challenge   provided the perfect opportunity to leave the car at home and enjoy nature. Choosing sport as a daily motivation not only benefits the planet but also helps clear the mind during the ride.


Burkhard Cewe  

Working Council Chairman, Acer Germany


Take on the sustainability challenge as we pedal towards a greener future! Our Bike Challenge brought employees together, promoting eco-friendly habits in our daily lives. Gathering for a lovely lunch, fueled by team spirit, we evaluated the project's impact and celebrated our commitment to a sustainable tomorrow.


Judith Moeller 

Service Controller, Acer Germany



Acer Germany's employee bike challenge demonstrates that sustainability and employee well-being can coexist. As the world addresses environmental challenges, initiatives like this showcase how corporations can proactively contribute to a greener future.


The 2022 Acer Bike Challenge has set a high bar, with employees eagerly anticipating the next edition. This initiative signifies a future where cycling to work is the norm, contributing to a greener planet while promoting healthier lifestyles. Acer's commitment to innovation extends beyond technology—it's shaping a sustainable future.