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Acer Brazil Empowers Children with Technology


At Acer, we demonstrate our values to the world through Project Humanity and encourage employees to take actions for talent cultivation and environmental conservation to achieve a common vision. In terms of education, we inspire people’s curiosity and help unleash their potential by providing various resources and innovative solutions.                                          

A Brazilian non-profit organization called Casa do Pequeno Cidadão, which translates to Little Citizen’s House, was founded in 2007 to provide shelter for children who were abandoned or abused and adolescents. The organization provided subsidized housing for young people of ages 18-21 years leaving shelter and are in situations of vulnerability, or at personal and social risks; and social inclusion support services for people with disabilities, including arts activities, work activities and more.

In February 2023, cross-departmental cooperation of Acer Brazil colleagues from marketing, general affairs, human resources, IT, and Project Humanity ambassadors, donated 26 laptops, 10 monitors, 2 projectors, 38 peripheral accessories and e-sports chairs, and helped install them in study rooms and gaming rooms. Through Acer's donation, the disadvantaged children, teenagers and adults will have increased access to the digital world, entertainment and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education.

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Technology is today; technology is the future. Thanks to Acer and all the equipment that has been donated to us, we will be able to put forward our growth


Alfredo Mazzoni

CEO,Casa do Pequeno Cidadão


This project, it allowed Acer to offer the most advanced technology on the market, so those who were assisted by the entity can add value to the activities that they already performed today. With this, they will gain speed, interactivity, and even greater integration with all the projects here offered by them.


Luiz Gonzaga

Director,Customer Service,Acer Brazil

Acer's donation as a main purpose of making a better world, providing more inclusion, more technology development and education. We want to make a difference in people's lives.


Adriana Lemos

Product Manager,Acer Brazil

We hope to provide Casa do Pequeno Cidadão an opportunity, a digital path, a knowledge for the future.


Germano Couy

General Manager,Acer Latin America



Acer builds computer study room for Brazilian Little Citizen House



Acer builds computer gaming room for Brazilian Little Citizen House

Acer builds computer gaming room for Brazilian Little Citizen House