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Acer Climate Actions

Acer Climate Actions

Acer is committed to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 and has announced the key strategies for net zero with 9 directions under 3 major pillars. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint from the 3 major pillars in business operations, products and services, and value chains. In 2022, Acer has implemented a number of plans including energy conservation, use of renewables electricity, product energy efficiency improvement, use of recycled materials, low-carbon logistics, and supply chain carbon reduction.

Energy Management, Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction

In order to achieve sustainable environmental protection, we require operating bases with more than 100 employees and high-risk operations with less than 100 employees to promote the EMS environmental management system and follow the PDCA management cycle to promote various actions including optimization of power consumption at operating bases, implementation of energy monitoring system, replacement of chillers, setting up electric vehicle charging areas and other energy management measures to reduce carbon emissions, and ensure the system maintains effective operation through the annual third-party certification or internal verification mechanism.

Renewables Electricity Usage

Acer is committed to achieving 100% renewable electricity usage in global operations in by 2035, and to increase the shares of renewable electricity usage in the Group through self-built solar power generation systems and renewable energy purchasing. In 2022, Acer has installed 108 solar panels with a capacity of 535W in its Spanish base, which generates and consumes about 80,000 kWh of renewable electricity each year, reducing the power consumption of the base by about 20% during work hours. In addition, Acer purchased renewable energy certificates such as International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs) and Guarantee of Origin (GOs) based on its global operations. The group’s self-owned power plants sold 3,526,572 kWh of green power back to the local power grid, and 13,334,372 kWh of renewable energy (including REC) were used in operations, accounting for 65% of the ICT product business operations and 44% of the Group’s Scope 2 consumption.

2022 Renewable Energy Performance

Self-owned PV power plants sold to the local power grid (kWh)

3,526,572 kWh


Renewable energy used in operations (kWh)

13,334,372 kWh


Renewable energy used in ICT product business (%)

65 %


Renewable energy used accounting for Acer Grouop (%)

44 %

Introduction of Internal Carbon Pricing Mechanism

In order to implement carbon reduction and respond to the international carbon border tax (such as EU's Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, CBAM) and carbon fee mechanism under the trend of carbon pricing, Acer introduced an internal carbon pricing mechanism to ensure various departments and operating bases to actively carry out more carbon reduction action. The mechanism also acts as the evaluation basis for the Company's introduction of innovative low-carbon solutions such as nature-based solutions, hydrogen energy technology, carbon negative technology and other projects, and we expect that through the internal carbon pricing mechanism, it can accelerate the upgrading to high-efficiency equipment and electrifying official vehicles in operating bases, realize Acer's low-carbon transformation and zero carbon emissions.

Planting Tree to Create a Circular Ecosystem

As trees can absorb carbon dioxide to mitigate climate change, and provide habitat and food sources for various organisms, their role for global carbon reduction, forest conservation and biodiversity, and recycling cannot be underestimated. Acer encourages everyone to jointly create a circular ecosystem by planting trees. In 2022, we have planted more than 70,000 trees in our operating bases around the world.  

Collaborated with Ecologi

Acer UK has collaborated with Ecologi to plant trees and supported related projects such as rainforest protection. As of March 2023, more than 73,000 trees have been planted. For information on the locations of trees and more, please visitEcologi’s website.

Green Deals

Acer also launched the "Green Deals" initiative in 14 European countries including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Poland, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Acer have partnered with One Tree Planted to plant trees for purchases of notebooks with Green Deals through Acer’s online store where a total of 4,697 trees were planted in 2022, an increase of 111% compared to 2021.

21-Day Challenge

In Taiwan, Acer invited employees of our partners and suppliers to participate in the "21-Day Challenge" and encouraged everyone to take green actions. The event donated 8,000 trees in the four operating bases to commemorate the success of this event.Moreover, through the collaboration of Acer’s Gold-level Green Mark Hotel - Aspire Resort, we spent three weeks to reuse the idle land, plant trees, and conduct afforestation by planting 0.5 hectares of Taiwan Acacia and taking action to help our planet.