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Our AI Features in Action
AI-Specialized Technology

AI PCs feature specialized hardware in the form of dedicated AI processors like Intel® AI Boost or AMD Ryzen™ AI—which offload AI tasks from the CPU for accelerated AI performance— further amplified by the latest high-performance processors and graphics from Intel®, AMD, and NVIDIA®.

Copilot in Windows

Do more, quicker than ever across multiple applications with the centralized generative AI assistance of Copilot in Windows1. Accessible at the touch of a button with the Copilot Key.

Acer PurifiedView™

With AI features like automatic framing, advanced background blur, and gaze correction, this AI-powered enhancement ensures you always put your best face forward.

Acer PurifiedVoice™

Acer PurifiedVoice™ AI noise cancellation employs sophisticated AI algorithms that suppress unwanted background noise—ensuring your voice is exceptionally clear and crisp.

Acer QuickPanel

Fine-tune your AIassisted PurifiedView and PurifiedVoice settings with QuickPanel, which intuitively appears when your device detects webcam or microphone use.


A versatile tool accessible at the touch of a button, AcerSense™ lets you access all your device’s AI features in one place. For a smoother, more user-friendly AI experience.


Instantly remove the background of an image with people, animals, or objects, then edit and paste it anywhere. The intuitive LiveArt panel will pop up and assist!


Personalize your home screen by employing AI models to generate dynamic AI depth-enhanced backgrounds with a dynamic parallax effect.

Think smarter, work faster.

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1 Copilot availability and rollout timing varies by market and device and is subject to updates from Microsoft.