Technology for higher education

Breaking new ground in campus technology. The next generation of innovators, game-changers and professional leaders is sitting in today’s college and university classrooms. Acer devices address the needs of higher education institutions with the best technology to nurture specific skills for their students’ professional careers.


Powerful learning companions for outstanding achievements. Find the best device for students to power through college or university and channel their passion into their goals.

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Each academic path has its unique needs. Make sure you find the most suitable device for teaching higher education students with our broad portfolio of Windows-based notebooks and Chromebooks.

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Shape vibrant campus spaces. With our portfolio for offices, labs, libraries, and study halls, colleges and universities can create easy-to-admin, secure, and tech-savvy learning environments.

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Make your campus’ green mark

Vero is our product family designed with the planet in mind, from sustainable materials to easy-to-upgrade designs and green shipping packaging.