Windows 11 for Education

Reimagined for a new era of digital learning, Windows 11 upgrade for education helps to unlock a student's potential with powerful tools to learn, collaborate and create—all in a secure and trusted environment.

Engaging Learning Experiences

Acer laptops loaded with Windows 11 for Education are giving teachers and students enhanced ways to teach and learn with Learning Accelerators. These tools offer coaches and real-time data to aid in creating engaging learning environments, empowering learners and educators alike.


Devices for Students

Devices for Educators

Devices for Labs

Acer Classroom Manager

Classroom management made seamless and easy. Acer Classroom Manager (ACM) enables educators to deliver classes, monitor student activities, and evaluate progress, all from one device. Discover ACM free on all Windows-based Acer devices.

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Intune for Education

Simplify the set up and management of devices for students and teachers with Microsoft Intune for Education. In just a few simple steps, you can quickly deploy apps to users and apply device settings that create a great classroom experience.

EDU icons_Simp iried management

Simplified Management

Streamline enrollment, deployment, and management of classroom devices and the apps your school already uses.

EDU icons_EasV App Deplovment

Easy App Deployment

Deploy apps to students and educators without touching their devices. Apps follow users to any device, every time they log in.

EDU icons_Personalized Experiences

Personalized Experiences

Deliver a custom learning experience for each student, even on shared devices.

Microsoft Autopilot

Streamline the device deployment process with Microsoft Autopilot – which automates the setup, configuration, and enrollment of your Windows devices for increased efficiency and reduced workload for your IT team.

EDU icons_Easy Deployment at Scale

Easy Deployment at Scale

The cloud and Intune for Education provide school-specific configurations upon arrival and without a need for manual intervention, enabling quick login and immediate access.

EDU icons_Self-Deploying Mode for-Students

Self-Deploying Mode for Students

Windows Autopilot's self-deploying mode allows students to connect a device directly to the network via ethernet without user authentication or login.

EDU icons_Remote Reset with the Touch-of a Buttor

Remote Reset with the Touch of a Button

Quickly prepare a group of devices by remotely resetting them with Intune for Education. It only takes about 60 minutes to sync your latest apps and settings.