Acer 4K Large Format Displays

Our 4K large format displays provide brilliant views with wide viewing angles and reliable, non-stop 24/7 operation.

4K Large Format

Meet the Acer 4K Large Format Displays

Outstanding 4K Views

Reliable Splendor

These large format 4K UHD displays provide reliable, non-stop 24/7 operation throughout the lifetime of the device.

4K Large Format

Plug and Play

The built-in USB media player lets you play your content directly from via USB without needing an internet connection.

4K Large Format

Stunning Imagery

Never a bad seat – all of our displays offer incredible color depth and wide viewing angles.

4K Large Format

Use it the Way You Want

With support for both portrait and landscape orientations and infrared remote control, use can your display however you want.

4K Large Format

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