Earth Mission

Inspiring a greener tomorrow, one habit at a time. Acer invites partners, suppliers and consumers to build green habits.

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Building Green Habits

Going green is easier said than done, but Acer is lowering the barrier to creating sustainable change. Together, we can create a better future for humanity and the environment.

21: The Magic Number

They say it takes 21 days to build a habit! Visualize your carbon impact with our carbon calculator and develop new, eco-friendly habits!

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Take Action

Start building sustainable habits by setting eco-friendly goals or ‘actions.’

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Create Long-lasting Impact

Complete your ‘actions’ every day and watch them compound into long-lasting impact.

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Get Rewarded!

Hard work pays off! Exchange your points for rewards

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7,400+ participants

Our current initiative has already reached over 7,400 users across the globe.

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166, 337 total actions

Which equates to 1 green action every 30 seconds!

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8,000 trees planted

In collaboration with OneTreePlanted, we have successfully helped reforestation efforts from the Philippines to Denmark.

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“The 21-day challenge pushed me to act green all the time and not just occasionally – in the long-term, this is making a real difference.” - Emmanuel Fromont, President of EMEA

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“The 21-day challenge has made me more aware of things I can do to help the environment.” - Gregg Prendergast, President of Pan America Operation

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“The power of this app lies in its ability to show us the power we have, not only as individuals but as a collective.” - Andrew Hou, President of Pan Asia Pacific

Calling All Partners!

Roll out your own 21-Day Challenge to create a positive impact in your organization.

Get Your Green On!

Download our Earth Mission Playbook today to begin your green journey.

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Acer ESG

Get the latest updates from Acer Group’s corporate ESG initiatives.

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Acer Project Humanity

Launched in 2017, Project Humanity aims to encourage employees and suppliers to make positive changes.

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Acer Earthion

Acer’s corporate commitment is to build a resilient company for a sustainable future.