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Pure Brilliance

Acer Monitor Series

Why Acer Monitors?

Form beyond function

An immersive experience

Cutting-edge technologies

Peerless performance

Pure Immersion

Acer Consumer Monitors

  • Elegantly curved displays deliver a more immersive experience
  • Advanced screen technologies for crystal clear visuals
  • Performance and all-day comfort built in

Pure Accuracy

Acer Professional Monitors

  • More precision, more creativity
  • True-to-life colours make your work pop off the screen
  • Intelligent features for a more productive working environment

Pure Gameplay

Nitro Gaming Monitors

  • High-level gaming demands pixel perfect smooth viewing
  • Size makes a great game an epic one
  • High-speed refresh rates. Because every millisecond counts

Pure Dominance

Predator Gaming Monitors

  • Sharpen your skills with tournament-grade performance
  • Stay in command with a smooth, tear-free gaming experience
  • Attention to detail says a lot about your strengths. You are strong. Go bold.

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