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Acer Monitor Series

Why Acer Monitors?

EMEA Monitor Landing - Immersive Viewing Box

Immersive Viewing

EMEA Monitor Landing - Award Winning Box

Award-winning Design

EMEA Monitor Landing - Leading Technologies Box

Leading Technologies

EMEA Monitor Landing - Unprecedent Performance Box

Unprecedented Performance


Whether you’re looking for Curved, Touch or Design, it’s easy to find the perfect Acer Consumer Monitor that pleases the eye.

Enjoy the Ultimate Visual Experience

Get the best out of your home entertainment with eye-opening technology and amazing features. Whether it’s an elegantly curved display for total immersion or stylish design: we have what you are looking for.

Pure Brilliance - Consumer Box 01

Great visuals

Pure Brilliance - Consumer Box 02

Vivid colors

Pure Brilliance - Consumer Box 03

Comfort viewing


Acer Professional Monitors provide an outstanding visual experience that helps express all the ideas.

Made for Your Professional Demands

See your work as you’ve never experienced it before. Precise, true-to-life colours and intelligent features that allow you to work tirelessly to make your vision come true.

Pure Brilliance - Prosumer Box 01

Accurate colors

Pure Brilliance - Prosumer Box 02

Exceptional clarity

Pure Brilliance - Prosumer Box 03

Professional comfort


Discover the joy of seamless gaming with Acer Nitro Monitors.

Built for Absolute Fun

Acer Monitors are designed to cater to whatever the gamer in you wants. The impressive size enhances your virtual playground to give you a head start in every race you’re leading or battle you’re winning.

Pure Brilliance - Gaming Box 01

Impressive size

Pure Brilliance - Gaming Box 02

Sharp details

Pure Brilliance - Gaming Box 03

Immersive colors


Predator Monitors are the first choice for advanced gamers who want to win.


Ultra-high refresh rates allow you to see your enemy before he gets to you, and clever features give you an extra advantage amidst the fiercest battle.

Pure Brilliance - Predator Box 01

Furiously fast

Pure Brilliance - Predator Box 02

Unrelenting perfection

Pure Brilliance - Predator Box 03

Powerful performance

Find Your Perfect Monitor Fit

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