Securing Your Data with Endpoint Security Solutions

Acer ProShield Plus

Featuring file encryption, shredding, Windows Hello authentication, and more, Acer PCs loaded with Acer ProShield Plus deliver an all-in-one security solution that helps secure against unauthorized access and intrusion.

Acer PrivacyPanel1

Acer PrivacyPanel technology protects against prying eyes and helps keep the information on your display private. When activated, it obscures viewing angles beyond 90°, and can be switched off to make use of full viewing angles to share and collaborate.

Acer User Sensing1

Protect your on-screen data with Acer User Sensing technology. The built-in ToF sensor allows for accurate detection of people based on range and movement, locking the screen when you leave and allowing you to log back in quickly when you return.

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Windows Secured-core PC

Windows Secured-core PCs from Acer offer the highest level of protection that prevents unauthorized access to the device, enables secure booting, protects from firmware vulnerabilities, and more.

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Fingerprint Reader1

Log in with just a touch. Acer commercial laptops have a built-in fingerprint sensor to ensure swift access and top-notch security.

IR Webcam1

Unlock your device with a glance. Acer TravelMate laptops come with an IR web camera and Windows Hello to offer quick and secure facial recognition.

Camera Shutter1

When the webcam is not in use, you can close the camera shutter to safeguard your privacy.

TPM 2.0

A discrete TPM 2.0 increases the security of your PC, enabling features like Windows Hello for identity protection and BitLocker for data protection.

Microsoft Pluton1

Microsoft Pluton is a secure crypto-processor built into the CPU. It provides hardware-based security for Windows 11, ensuring code integrity and data protection.

Intel vPro®1

Intel vPro® technology delivers hardware-enhanced security, enabling comprehensive threat protection and remote manageability for total peace of mind.

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AMD Ryzen™ PRO Processors1

AMD Ryzen™ PRO processors offer modern security features, protecting against evolving threats and ensuring a secure business environment.

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1 Feature limited to select models only.