Powering Your Business

Acer DustDefender1

Improve device longevity and maintain maximal performance with Acer DustDefender. This feature expels dust from fans when powering on your device and after every 6 hours of use, reducing dust buildup in your devices so that they always perform at their best.

Acer PurifiedVoice & PurifiedView1

Learn how Acer PurifiedVoice and Acer PurifiedView work together to boost the video call experience with AI technology. Reduce background noise, blur your background, stay in focus, and more – these two technologies make it so you always look and sound your best during all your calls.

Acer Light Sensing1

Equipped with an RGB sensor located next to the webcam, Acer's Light Sensing technology detects ambient lighting conditions and adjusts the display's brightness and color temperature so that the screen always looks natural and delivers an optimal viewing experience.

1 Feature limited to select models only.