10 steps to get the right projector for you

Whether you need to project important spreadsheets to your clients, educate a classroom full of eager students or entertain an audience at your show, a professional grade projector should help you to get the job done. Because great pictures will let the power of your ideas shine through, and all your best ideas will be grasped easily at any presentation. Here are ten reasons why Acer is an excellent choice.
  • Accuracy is key

    As a professional user, you must rely on accurate colour reproduction, no matter which device you use. This is ensured by the industry colour standard sRGB. By using a projector that utilizes that exact same sRGB standard as most monitors, printers, cameras and smartphones, consistent colours faithful to the original are guaranteed.

  • Colours in every dimension

    3D is not only a great way to immerse yourself into action movies, the extra dimension can also help you when collaborating in groups, working on technical projects or impressing your audience with stunning graphics. Acer ColorBoost 3D compensates for the typical colour loss of 3D glasses while enhancing colour brightness for 2D and 3D content, creating vivid colours like they should be.

Strong throughout time

Business decisions have to be sound – not only now, but in the long run. Regular DLP (Digital Light Processing) projector lamps are prone to colour decay after prolonged use, turning lifelike colours to a greenish mess. Acer ColorSafe II combined with high-grade lamps keep consistent natural colours after many thousand hours, providing you with that same colour fidelity as on the first day.

  • Made for the limelight

    Oftentimes, meeting rooms are not set up for a convincing presentation. Especially when they are brightly lit by direct sunshine, you better rely on pure power. The unique dual-lamp system by Acer produces ultra-high brightness for challenging venues like lecture halls, concert halls, large auditoriums, or sun-lit rooms. With two high-output Laser light sources that create up to 12,000 lumens brightness, your projections will be crispy clear on any stage.

  • Contrast is king

    To get all the particulars in your presentation or scene, contrast is your most important figure. Acer DynamicBlack™ generates an impressive contrast ratio of 20,000:1. It improves image contrast by analysing onscreen content frame-by-frame and then dynamically adjusting lamp power to optimize black levels. Your audience will enjoy amazing details in dark scenes without sacrificing any of the brightness.

Run around the clock

Business never sleeps. That’s why Acer FL8 series is purposefully designed for long-term operation. It uses super energy-efficient laser technology to save up to 20 % of power, while supporting 24/7 run-time without visible decay or a drop in brightness. This makes Acer FL8 series the ideal projector for public displays or museum exhibitions.

Laser sharp efficiency

The laser light source means there’s no lamp to burn out. Acer professional projector series incorporate laser diodes that offer significantly longer lifespans up to 20,000 hours. It greatly reduces maintenance requirement and saves you the hassle of frequent lamp replacement. Better yet: No burnt-out lamp will ever disrupt your presentation flow or the concentrated attention of your classroom.

Effectively eco friendly

If green is your favourite colour, Acer is your best choice. Acer’s EcoProjection is an earth-friendly solution that is built to save consumption power. The professional projector series automatically enter EcoMode when no input signal is detected, reducing power consumption up to 70 %. Whisper-quiet noise levels of just 26 dBA make sure that you will create a healthy, caring work environment.

Always connected

For large businesses with dedicated projectors in multiple conference rooms, LAN connectivity and remote-control capabilities should satisfy even the most demanding requirements. Acer FL8 series is compliant with Crestron Network System, one of the world’s top network-controlled system providers. This allows for seamless integration into your office environment and easy operation.

The power of sound

When setting up your business presentation or preparing for your class, you do not want to bother yourself with extra audio connection. So Acer has got you covered. The projectors come with built in 10W speaker with powerful sound, eliminating your need for external speakers. This is exactly the kind of catering to the needs of professional user that speaks for itself.