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Käytämme evästeitä parantaaksemme sivuston käyttäjäystävällisyyttä. Sivustomme saattavat sisältää evästeitä myös kolmansilta osapuolilta. Klikkaamalla tästä saat tietoa evästeistämme ja miten voit muuttaa asetuksiasi. Sulkemalla tämän ikkunan tai jatkaessasi sivuston käyttöä hyväksyt samalla evästeiden käytön.

Acer for Education is fully committed to supporting schools and institutions on their journey towards implementing innovative collaborative learning environments to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Offering finest technologies, educational contents and solutions, our goal is to help teachers and educational institutions empower students to become proactive, respectful, and socially aware individuals who can become the leaders of tomorrow.

2 schools' environments, 10 areas, 26 products, 3 classroom management tools and 3 innovative solutions.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

The ways people interact, socialize, and work are shifting rapidly, creating an entirely new value system for the leaders of the future. Acer’s advanced hardware portfolio and innovative solutions provide the tools students and teachers need today to prepare for tomorrow. It includes tablets, 2-in-1 devices, notebooks, chromebooks, desktops, monitors, projectors and mixed reality solution, in addition to proprietary and third-party software solutions and apps, all designed to foster curiosity and thoroughly engage the classroom.

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Dependable, Robust and Affordable products

We believe exploration through technology is a right, not a privilege. That is why we make affordable products that are reliable and robust, resulting in lower Total Cost of Ownership.


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Adaptive Solutions

Our adaptive solutions address all the needs of the Education, from education-centered software solutions to innovative technologies such as mixed reality.


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Microsoft budget-friendly devices

Acer Windows devices are designed to deliver meaningful outcomes for students, schools and institutions enabling them to have affordable products with advanced technology.


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Ecosystem of Partners

The 21st century classroom requires more than just a set of devices, and Acer has built the extended ecosystem to provide innovative and comprehensive solutions to the Education community. Along with our ecosystem of partners, we invest in the future of education to provide a better tomorrow for the next generation.


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