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How Will You Make Your Mark?

See how four Acer users are making their mark on the world. Now, get out there and make yours.


Explore Possibilities with Intel®.

The Book Blogger

Samantha, Writer & Book Reviewer

From bookworm to literary critic, Samantha uses the ultrathin Swift to turn her love of literature into a successful blog.

Swift User Samantha Banner

The Musician

LaQuan, Music Producer

A born musician, LaQuan uses the flexible Acer Spin to take his talent and passion to the next level.

Spin User LaQuan Banner

The App Developer

Chino, Programmer

From day job to dream job, Chino turned his life around with his Aspire — the ideal workhorse for days of meetings and presentations.

Aspire User Chino Banner

The Hiker

Holly, Hiking Blogger

To escape her city job, Holly started hiking in the hills. Now she uses her Acer Switch to post her writing and photographs online.

Switch User Holly Banner

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