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Warranty Terms & Condition

  1. A) Models preloaded with Windows 10 (Except ES series、Aspire 1 series、Aspire 3 series and Swift 1 series), 2 year Local Warranty and 1 year International Traveler Warranty.
  2. B) ES series、Aspire 1 series、Aspire 3 series and Swift 1 series, 1 year Local Warranty and 1 year International Traveler Warranty.
  3. C) Aspire 3 (model A315-53-xxxx), Aspire 5 series, Aspire Nitro series , Spin series and Swift 3 series, 2 year Local Warranty and 1 year International Traveler Warranty.
  4. D) Aspire S13 (model S5-371), Predator series, Swift 5 series and Swift 7 series, 3 year Local Warranty and 1 year International Traveler Warranty.
  5. E) Switch Windows tablet series, 1 year Local Warranty and 1 year International Traveler Warranty.
    F) Models preloaded Chrome OS (retailer models only), 1 year Local Warranty
  6. Battery maintenance period: the first year.
  7. Maintenance service method: self-carry-in.
  8. Warranty start date: The date of purchase of a valid invoice.

(A valid invoice is an important document required for warranty service. To protect your rights, please ask the dealer for a formal invoice when purchasing the product. The invoice should clearly state the brand, model, serial number and date of sale of the product, and with stamp of the dealer. Keeping the invoice together with the warranty card will give you the convenience when asking for official repairs and consultations.)



    The Warranty Service does not cover or be rendered void if:

    1. Original and valid purchase invoice(s) or sales receipt(s) (i.e. altered or not in accordance with the product) cannot be provided;
    2. Any Acer product that has its serial number being removed, altered, defaced or mismatched with the product;
    3. Damage or failure or malfunction of Acer product due to misuse or accident, including but not limited to computer viruses, improper usage, liquid ingress, scratches, LCD screen leakage, rupture, delivery, bumping , foreign matter falling in, rats, pests, etc.;
    4. Normal wear and tear (such as the natural consumption of the outer casing, the plugged parts, and aging);
    5. The decrease of batteries’ power level as time past is the nature of batteries, and will also be affected by working environment, machine condition, and usage;
    6. Acer will accept customer’s request for exchanging LCD panel or monitor within 7 days from the date of purchase, if the LCD panel has more than 5 bright or dark dots on the screen for Notebook, Tablet PC, Desktop, All-in-one and LCD Monitor; or a total of 3 bright or dark dots on the screen for Smart Phone and PDA Phone. Acer’s findings and decision of the bright dots or dark dots will be final;
    7. Defective parts has not been sent together with the whole product;
    8. Damage caused by operating Acer product outside the permitted or intended uses described by Acer;
    9. Damage caused by service (including upgrade and expansions) performed by anyone who is not an authorized representative of Acer or an Acer authorized service provider authorized to perform service;
    10. Failure caused by parts or software is not the original Acer configuration (standard configuration is based on Acer records);
    11. Removal, decrypt or reset of machine, operating system or any software’s password;
    12. Any services, accessories or gifts provided by the reseller are supported and serviced by that reseller;
    13. Damage or failure or malfunction of Acer product due to force majeure such as natural disasters (i.e. earthquakes, fires, floods, typhoons, lightning strikes, etc.).or other external causes;


    Laptop usage guides:

    1. Please use genuine software and virus-free external memory devices. Make sure to back up the hard disk data regularly or before maintenance to avoid file loss. Acer will not be responsible for data loss caused by backup, recovery or maintenance;
    2. When a media such as a CD is in use, damage or data loss may occur. It is recommended to make a backup of the original source;
    3. The power supply used by the computer should be equipped with a grounding wire. If the power supply voltage is unstable, a voltage regulator should be installed. If the computer is off, it is recommended to disconnect the power plug;
    4. Do not wipe the LCD screen with a chemical solvent;
    5. Do not disassemble the computer or improperly connect/ disconnect external devices, such as USB devices, mice, keyboards, etc. Do not place magnetic objects near the computer to avoid accidental damage;
    6. Avoid excessive battery charging and discharging. During the charging process, it is necessary to maintain a good ventilation environment;
    7. Optical drive protection: Avoid wearing discs and pirated discs as much as possible to avoid reducing the life of the disc drive. Do not use a small disc or a deformed disc;
    8. When the hard disk is reading and writing, do not move the computer. At this time, the hard disk is easily damaged. Do not squeeze or collide with external force when storing or moving the computer to avoid damage to the casing, scratching, cracking, and dark spots on the LCD screen;
    9. For other information which is not mentioned here, please refer to the user manual, product instructions and appendix;
    10. If the computer has abnormal conditions, please do not continue to use it, and contact the dealer or Acer Customer Service Center as soon as possible with the warranty card and valid invoice;
    11. Before sending product to repair, please do data backup, disable the BIOS password and system password, and remove non-bundled components, such as CD-ROM, data card, etc.;


    Special Notice:


      1. Except for the limited warranties set forth herein, Acer disclaims all other warranties, expressed or implied or statutory. Acer will comply with the law if it is expressly provided by applicable laws in Hong Kong;
      2. Acer is not responsible for any special, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from the use of Acer product or any Acer-supplied software, including but not limited to business loss, profit, or use. Acer only assumes the responsibility of the applicable laws of Hong Kong;
      3. Acer does not assume any responsibility for any of the following losses caused by:

      (1) Loss caused by the loss of the customer's product;

      1. Valid purchase invoices and maintenance books are important documents for maintenance services. Please keep them in a safe place. This Maintenance Regulation is only valid for Acer product sold in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. If you have any questions, please contact Acer;
      2. The parts mentioned in the maintenance commitment should not be construed as a description of the product configuration purchased by the customer. The product configuration should be based on the specific model purchased by the customer and the packing list;
      3. For any defect and diagnosis, Acer’s technician decision will be final;
      4. Any defective part which has been replaced shall become Acer’s property;
      5. Acer reserves all rights to replace the defective part with equivalent or higher performed part based on its expertise;
      6. Customer should collect the repaired item within 30 days upon receiving notification from Acer via phone/email/post/fax. A monthly storage fee will be charged to Customer for non-collection beyond the 30 days. Acer has the right to process the uncollected repaired item in whatever way after 90 days from notification;
      7. All services rendered by Acer to Customer which are not covered by this Limited Warranty will entitle Acer to charge the Customer for all relevant fees or parts fees;
      8. Acer reserves the right to change and/or terminate any of the above terms and conditions without prior notice;
      9. In case of any disputes, the decision of Acer shall be final.
      10. This Limited Warranty is comprised of an English and a Chinese version, and if any discrepancy should arise between the two versions, the English version shall prevail.


      International Travelers Warranty (ITW)

      International Travelers Warranty (ITW)