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Relive the most magical moments of #NextAtAcer, where we unveiled technology with the power to bring more balance and more brilliance into your everyday life.

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Global Press Conference Highlights

January, 2023

Discover new Acer laptops and more, including our CES 2023 Innovation Award-winning laptop and gaming monitor.


Acer Green Day

September, 2022

Saving the planet isn’t easy–but together–it’s possible.


Global Press Conference Highlights

May, 2022

Join Acer’s global press conference event, next@acer, to see our upcoming laptops and newest products coming in 2022.


Make Your Green Mark

April, 2022

At Acer, we do everything with the Earth in mind. Learn what you can do to make your green mark and have a more sustainable future.


Global Press Conference Highlights

October, 2021

Check out the next@acer 2021 – the PC event of the year – for the latest Acer product releases including upcoming laptops, desktops, Green PCs and more!


Project Humanity

November, 2021

Project Humanity, Acer’s global initiative that encourages employees and partners to better environmental sustainability and education.