The Vero Projector Family

Projectors designed for sustainability that provide the same high-quality projection capabilities you've come to expect.

Sustainable Projection with PCR Materials1

Take the next step towards a more sustainable future with our PCR-built1 projectors that deliver impressive projection while reducing your environmental footprint.

High Efficiency, Low TCO

Our energy-efficient Vero projectors are designed to give you the maximum amount of lamp life before needing replaced – saving you maintenance costs and reducing your energy bill for a lower total cost of ownership over the lifetime of your device.

Non-stop 24/7 Projection

Vero projectors not only provide a more sustainable choice in projection, but are also capable of continuous day-in and day-out usage without missing a beat.

Advanced Projection Technology

Our Vero projectors are equipped with the latest generation of laser and LED technology to give you unparalleled performance no matter the environment.

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Total PCR materials within Vero projectors range between 35-50%.