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The Fastest, Most Intelligent Windows PCs Ever

Power Up

With a turbocharged NPU, your experience is unmatched with lightning speed and smooth performance.

Your New Superpower

Accelerate your productivity and creativity with unique Copilot+ PC experiences.

Powerful Value

Spend it on what matters. Feel the power of turbocharged NPU delivering unique Copilot+ PC experiences, with the confidence of advanced security.

Acer Copilot+ PCs

A whole new way of interacting with your PC is here. Connect, find, achieve, and create like never before, and discover the power of what's possible.

All Day. All Night.

What is power without endurance? With up to 26 hours of battery life3, you won’t just be faster than air—you’ll be lighter, too.

Turbocharged NPU

Why follow when you can set the pace? With an NPU, you’ll have 40+ trillion operations per second to work with. Now that’s a power move.

It’s a New Era for Security, Too

From the moment you turn it on, your Copilot+ PC brings you the highest standard for Windows security available.

Acer Copilot+ PCs