Project Humanity

Acer employees share their vision for Project Humanity, making environmental protection and talent cultivation a top priority.

At Acer, we want all our decisions to be responsible, as a corporation and as human beings. Launched in 2017, Project Humanity is Acer’s global initiative to make the world a better place. We want to ensure that every employee has the chance to share their voice and contribute to the decisions we take. From the products we design, our partners, or our operations’ efficiency, every decision counts.

How Project Humanity Started

Launched in 2017, Project Humanity aims to encourage employees and suppliers to make positive changes to our environment.


We are committed to offering resources and innovative solutions to inspire curious minds because we believe that education is an integral part of unleashing human potential.


We want to do our part through innovative solutions and invite our colleagues, stakeholders, and consumers to join the initiative to create a greener tomorrow together.

Our Impact

The equivalent of 60 tons of CO2 reduced

More than 20 metric tons of batteries were recycled and remanufactured into new batteries

More than 8.8 million products were shipped using post-consumer recycled plastic

100% of Acer’s notebooks have adopted recycled paper for packaging

More than 40 countries have joined our initiative

Our Goals

Every Decision Counts

Project Humanity brings our values into focus, harnessing the power of every action to make a difference. 

If every one of our 7,700 employees contributes toward our global initiative, our combined efforts can create a significant impact.

Through an online CSR training program, we raise environmental literacy among employees worldwide.

Acer’s servers and computers are programmed with energy-efficient modes.

We prioritize using sustainable material-based machines for employees’ computers.

Our Goals

Every Partnership Counts

We prioritize cooperation with partners dedicated to social causes and invite them to join Project Humanity to maximize our impact. 

With shared principles in social causes, we work with partners to promote sustainable actions.

Eco-friendly production materials are requested with a Zero Disposable Utensils policy implemented during all events and productions.

Three major suppliers joined us and participated in Project Humanity’s recycling project of batteries and electronics.

Our Goals

Every Idea Counts

We make products that have a positive impact on our environment and society. 

We ship more than 17 million PCs annually. At this scale, even small changes to both product and packing become significant. We have the power to make every one of our products a step closer to a greener environment.

Reduce in-box materials by 50% by going digital.

Mold fiber or 100% recycled styrofoam are adopted in our packaging.

We work with furniture factories to reuse cartons as raw materials and produce paper furniture.

Our Goals

Every Consumer Counts

The best way to align consumers with our values is by inviting them to take part. 

We initiate programs so our consumers can help contribute to a better environment.

Users are encouraged and notified to join our trade-in program and modular repair service.

We invite consumers to take action and be part of the solution by integrating Acer Recycling Program with digital experiences.

Our Goals

Every Talent Counts

Children are our future. We use technology and expertise to inspire curious minds.  

With our technology and expertise, we strive to maximize students’ potential and make resources available for our future talent.

5,000 underprivileged children joined our young creator program to attend design-related courses free of charge.

We have been cooperating with K-12 schools to provide facilities and computer courses to digitalize the classroom and equip students with knowledge and skills to succeed.

Activity Highlight

21-Day Green Challenge

Researchers suggest it takes 21 days to form a habit. To build a sustainable lifestyle for our environment, we initiated a no-plastic challenge for 21 days to encourage eco-friendly practices. Over 600 employees, including executives, participated and reduced over 39,000 single-use plastic bags.

30 Green Actions Worldwide

To encourage active sustainable efforts, we guided employees through our mobile app event, Green Family. By introducing sustainability events, communities, and ideas for action in a game-based format, we have urged employees to initiate green actions to improve the world.

Waterfront Cleaning in Taiwan

To further educate ourselves through hands-on activities, we invited our colleagues to join Acer Coastal Cleanup Day on June 22. Through beach cleanups and ecology tours, we came together and contributed to coastal protection.

Organic Rice Farming in Taiwan

On May 22, 2019, we came together to participate in the environmental education of Caitian Rice in Jinshan. To learn more about the process of land rehabilitation and contribute to eco-friendly farming, together, we removed more than 21.8 kg of harmful pests to protect the rice field.

Computer Donation in Taiwan

In 2020, Acer’s Quality Service Business Unit supported remote school digital education, providing technological support and software learning courses. The team equipped students with recycled computers to advocate for education and sustainability.

Acer & Google in Brazil

From December 2018 to August 2019, Acer collaborated with Google to support the Brazilian School Collective Adventista Group. $10,000 and 30 Chromebooks were allocated to support the implementation of the Google ecosystem, certify teachers, and provide content production experience through Acer devices.

Starting in Taiwan, Project Humanity has influenced global Acer employees and local communities through various activities. Project Humanity continues to evolve and create an even greater global impact, with additional regions kicking off activities in early 2021.