Acer UC

Bring your office into the new UC&C (Unified Communication and Collaboration) era with Acer UC. With an easy to use interface that effectively increases productivity, Acer UC combines the functions of traditional office communication systems with integrated modern communication methods and tools such as mobile extensions and enhanced security.

Global Mobile Extension

Flexibly handle office calls at anytime, from anywhere.

Work from Anywhere

Remote working is fast becoming a new normal – and Acer UC is here to help. Enable your business to stay productive even while away from the office with work from home functionalities.

Stay Connected with Video Calling

Clear and efficient communication is an essential competitive advantage, and Acer UC offers a highly flexible and easy to use video calling solution to help your business get ahead in the distance working environment.

High Security

With Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Certificate Authority (CA), ensuring security for enterprise communications is of the upmost importance.


Business can’t wait – with just a single Acer UC PBX you can have a total communications service which international enterprise can’t afford to miss. Multi-functional and highly efficient, Acer UC PBX is easily integrated into any existing system architecture and supports multiple devices to give enterprises increased office productivity. With three different models (S30, S100, and S500), choose the specific model that best suits the needs of your business while getting flexible compatibility demanded by all enterprises.

Acer UC App

The Acer UC App is the companion app for Acer UC which allows users to call work contacts and pick up their office extensions directly from the cellphone. Miss less important calls, quickly search the internal company phonebook, and save operation costs through the power of internet voice technology.


Acer IP Desk Phone

Acer IP Desk Phone (A301G & A201G) is a highly functional IP desk phone with voice communication over the internet. Basic office desk phone functions such as pickup, dial, call holding, transfers, and conference calls are also included.


Acer UC uses IP (Internet Protocol) communication methods to integrate both old and new systems such as traditional office desk phones, tablets and smartphones to make work more efficient, lower costs and improve service quality.

Easily Managed & Rapidly Upgrades

Links Desk Phones to Cellphones

Secure and Private Calls

Reduce Operational and Budget Costs


Acer UC is suitable for voice and data transmission environments while also providing a DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) security option. Makes network bandwidth stable while keeping voice quality high. Acer UC also supports integrated management and implements new functions on top of the system the enterprise already owns. With add-ons such as mobile extension and SIP desk phones, Acer UC is able to quickly fulfill the need of any enterprise without the need and extra expense of completely rebuilding their system architecture.

Acer UC - System Architecture

Links Desk Phones to Cellphones



Acer UC offers effective & affordable communication solutions for SOHO.

Small/Medium Businesses

Professional communication solutions for a wide range of industry applications.

Large Enterprise

A scalable and secure platform for multiple-site and cross-country collaboration.

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