Service & Support Programs

Acer recognizes the importance of technology in education and offers several service programs specifically designed for educational institutions. The Acer for Education service offerings help extend the life of technology in the classroom and maximize schools' return on their IT investments. Designed exclusively for educators, Acer service programs target the specific needs of resource-constrained schools, delivering value-added services and programs including Educare, Premier Support, and eLearning Self Repair Programs.

Through a partnership with Acer, schools can further reduce operating costs and improve productivity and device lifecycle of the computer infrastructure.

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Educare, Acer's tailored service portfolio for the education market, enhances technology longevity in classrooms and optimizes schools' IT investments. Exclusively for educators, it addresses schools' unique needs with value-added services such as battery replacements, extended warranties, accidental damage coverage, and two-way freight for depot repairs. Partnering with Acer can reduce operating costs and boost computer infrastructure productivity.

Educare Mobility Suite

The Educare Mobility Suite provides coverage for the TravelMate Notebooks, Chromebooks, and tablets. The mobility suite coverage includes options for: one or two-year extension of limited warranty depending on the purchased model, three-year total protection upgrade (including accidental damage protection); premium battery support and two-way prepaid freight for depot repairs.

Educare Desktop Suite

Acer Educare Desktop Suite includes additional coverage options for all new Acer Desktops, so the PC is covered whether the school prefers to bring a technician to campus for repairs or ship it to a depot for service. Depending on the coverage level selected, this service includes options for: next-business-day limited on-site service for years two and three' prepaid freight to and from repair depot for three years, mail-in/carry-in depot repair coverage for years two and three and extension of standard warranty for years two and three.

Premier Support & Self-Maintainer Programs

With over 40 years of experience in the world of computing, Acer understands the challenges within the evolving education environment. We are dedicated to aligning our award-winning services with educators and offering outstanding assistance, technical support, and free on-demand training.

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eLearning Repair Programs

Did you know Acer trains students in hardware repairs?
This model-specific program supports education accounts by offering students an opportunity to learn to repair select Acer computers. Qualified students can gain practical work experience assisting campus IT staff with hardware repairs. 

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