Privacy Policy – Customer care

Privacy Policy – Customer care
By means of this privacy policy (hereinafter the “Privacy Policy”) Acer Sales International S.A (hereinafter “Acer”, the “Company”, “We” or “Us”) intends to inform its clients with regard to the processing of their personal data that may be carried out by the Company for customer care assistance purposes. Accordingly, this Privacy Policy shall constitute the information notice to be provided to the data subjects, pursuant to the applicable laws, to make them aware regarding how, for which purposes and by whom their data will be processed.

With particular reference to the processing of personal data put in place through Acer’s website (the “Website”), you are invited to make reference to the privacy and cookie policies published therein.

1. The Data Controller
The controller of your personal data is Acer Sales International S.A. Via della Posta, 28 – 3634 Bioggio, Switzerland through its branch office P.O. Box 16951, Jafza One Building, Block A, Office No 2505-2509 – 25th Floor, Jebel Ali Free Zone , Dubai , United Arab Emirates.

2. Nature of the data collected and processed. The purposes of the processing.
Acer collects and processes the personal data intentionally provided by the user in connection with his/her interactions with the features and services of the Website and request for the customer care services offered by Us. In more detail, we process the users’ personal data for the following purposes: manage and register the Acer products purchased by the user, render warranty and assistance related services, also through the Website and our call center, manage the participation of the user in initiatives published on the Website with particular reference to after-sale support and assistance, fulfil the request for information, reply to questions made by the users via e-mail, Website or paper form. Furthermore, Acer processes the personal data of the clients who access the “customer care” service via call center, in order to improve the quality of our services. In this regard, the inbound telephone calls made by the users may be recorded and used for the sole purpose to optimize the assistance procedures and to ensure high quality standards.

Specifically, the user’s personal data that Acer needs to process to achieve the abovementioned purposes are: name, surname, address, e-mail address, language, content of the inbound call, as well as any other data spontaneously provided by the user whose processing is necessary to render the assistance and fulfil the user’s specific requests. As far as the information on Acer products is concerned, we need to know, in particular, the relevant series number, the model and the date of purchase.

Moreover, we inform the users that outbound calls could be made, following the intervention requested to the after-sale “customer care” team, in order to evaluate the user’s satisfaction on the assistance received. These telephone calls may be recorded as well.

Please note that personal data can be processed for the abovementioned purposes without any need to request the data subject’s previous consent, as they are strictly necessary to provide the services and features of the Website requested by the latter. Accordingly, in absence of such personal data may prevent Acer from providing its services and information, as stated above.

Finally, we will process the user’s personal data to enforce or defend our rights before competent Courts, to comply with requirements and obligations laid down by the laws, regulations and European legislation, as well as for any other purpose expressly permitted by the law.

3. Features and modalities of the processing
We will process the data provided by the user in the course of his/her interactions with the Website, any other data spontaneously provided by the latter or obtained from third parties during the performance of our services, mainly through electronic and IT systems, in accordance with procedures strictly related to the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy, but also via traditional non-electronic means.

We will process also the data relating to the inbound telephone calls received by our call centers. In particular, as already stated above, the content of such calls may be recorded, stored and listened to, for the purposes referred to in paragraph 2, while paying special attention to implement any needed or appropriate security measures.

The data will be stored for no longer than it is strictly necessary for the attainment of the purpose which is pursued from time to time, in compliance with the applicable legislation, with particular reference to the security and confidentiality obligations inspiring all of our activities. Suitable measures will be put in place to minimize the risk of destruction and loss, even accidental, of data, unauthorized access, processing which is unwarranted or inconsistent with the original purposes, misuse or unlawful data processing. IT systems and software will be configured in order to minimize the processing of personal and identifiable data which is unneeded to achieve the envisaged purposes.

4. Communication of personal data
On account of the specific purposes of the processing identified in this Privacy Policy, Acer will be allowed to communicate the user’s data to third parties, to the extent and according to the modalities specified above, only where such communication amounts to be necessary for the fulfilment of the user’s requests and the management of Acer’s internal processes. It remains understood that personal data can be communicated in all the cases permitted by the laws in force, as well as to comply with orders issued by competent authorities. However, access to the personal data will be granted exclusively to (i) internal or external authorized personnel, duly appointed as persons in charge of the processing, for the achievement of the purposes referred to above and to the sole extent that such processing is needed to fulfil its respective job tasks and (ii) the data processors that may from time to time be appointed by Acer. In this regard, as stated in the preceding paragraphs, in view of testing the quality of the assistance service and so measuring the users’ satisfaction, we have entrusted the outbound telephone contact activities to a third company, duly appointed as data processor, by requiring the latter to ensure full compliance with any applicable data protection requirements.

To the extent permitted by law, the information you provide may be accessed, processed or stored by, or transferred to, any member of the Acer group of companies (or their subcontractors) at locations around the world, including those located in countries where you do not live. These locations include countries that do not ensure an adequate level of protection of personal information. A list of Acer entities (and their respective registered offices) that may receive your data in those locations can be found at This use may continue even if they cease to be a member of the Acer group of companies. All of the Acer companies that receive your personal information will use it in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Where the information provided by you is transferred by an Acer company in the European Economic Area (“EEA”) or Switzerland to an Acer company or agent outside of the EEA or Switzerland, appropriate steps are put in place to provide adequate protection for the data.

Acer is further entitled to disclose the users’ personal data to institutions, authorities, public bodies, professionals, independent consultants, including associations, third parties performing technical and organizational services of which Acer may avail itself for the purposes specified above – as for the provision of call centre services – as well as in the case of mergers, acquisitions, sales of companies, business units, activities or other extraordinary transactions, and to any other party to which applicable laws and regulations permits to communicate the data. Such parties will carry out the processing, for the sole purposes specified above, acting as data controllers, data processors or person in charge of the processing, as the case may be. In any case, the latter parties will not receive personal data which are unneeded to fulfil their respective tasks. No personal data will be disclosed for promotional purposes or otherwise disseminated.

5. User’s rights
The user can at any time exercise the rights he/she is vested in according to the applicable law, including the right to obtain confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning him/her exist, to know their content and source, to verify their correctness, ask for their integration, update, modification, cancellation, anonymization and blocking when processed unlawfully or anyway in breach of applicable laws. The user shall also have the right to object, on legitimate grounds, to the processing of his/her data, as well as the right to data portability and to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority in the EU.

To exercise any right, as well as for any question or request concerning the users’ personal data, please contact us by writing to:

This Privacy Policy will be periodically reviewed by Acer. The version from time to time published on the Website shall be the applicable one. Acer reserves the right to amend the provisions set forth herein at any time. For this reason, we encourage our users to regularly check our Website to be informed of any update of this Privacy Policy. Any integration or amendment thereof shall be effective as of the date of relevant publication on the Website.

Last update: March 2019