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How to Setup SteamVR

Step 1 – Install Steam

• Go to
• Sign in, create an account if needed.

Step 1 – Install Steam - Large

Step 2 – Install SteamVR

• Plug in your headset & launch Steam
• When prompted, install SteamVR

Step 2 – Install Steam - Large

Step 3 – (Optional, but encouraged) Join the SteamVR beta

• In Steam, navigate to Library --> Tools.
• Right click SteamVR --> Properties --> Join the beta.

Step 3 – Join the SteamVR beta - Large

Step 4 – Install Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR

• In the Steam store, Search for Windows Mixed Reality.
• Navigate to the Windows Mixed Reality page, and install.

Step 4 – Install WMR - Large

Step 5 – Play

• Start the Mixed Reality Portal.
• There are multiple ways how you can launch SteamVR content/games.

Step 5 – Play - Large

For all, you must have the Mixed Reality Portal running:

1. From the Windows desktop shortcut.
After installing an title you can launch it through a desktop shortcut.
2. From the Steam library.
Open the Steam client & find the title in your library & select play.
3. From your headset in the cliffhouse.
You can launch the Desktop 2D app in the Cliffhouse, and perform either option 1 or 2 in mixed reality.