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Chromebase for Meetings

Acer Chromebase

Experience Acer Chromebase for Meetings!

Chromebase for meetings is ideally suited for capturing audio and video in personal and shared workspaces:

  • Large 24-inch adjustable touchscreen display
  • Integrated, adjustable HD camera
  • 4 optimized microphones and 2 stereo speakers

The new Chromebase for meetings includes remote fleet management, improved health monitoring, and alert notifications making it easy for administrators to remotely monitor device health and to schedule reboots. Administrators can remotely diagnose and troubleshoot audio, video quality and bandwidth problems.

Chromebase for meetings is available today starting at $799 per unit, including first year's $250 management and support fee.

We’re so convinced you’ll love the new Chromebase for meetings.

For each Chromebase for meetings device, you will need a license to access and use the Chrome Device Management console. If you're not a Chromebox for meetings customer, the $799.99 solution will provide you with Google's CFM license for 12 months period plus the hardware.