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Mission Focus

We only have one Earth, and there is no plan B. We have initiated six missions to guide our effort and continue seeking innovative solutions for a better tomorrow.

Product Design

Green innovation

We design products that use sustainable materials and can be easily recycled to reduce the environmental impact from start to finish.

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Minimize the impact on our environment

We collaborate with industry partners to rethink the production process and manage waste and chemicals to minimize environmental impact.


Renewable energy

Our operations use clean and renewable energy to keep fossils underground.


Reduce our carbon footprint

Our optimized logistics and transportation increase efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

Packaging Design

Less packaging, more recycled materials

Our packaging uses minimal and environmental-friendly materials. We’ve redefined our packaging’s purpose by extending its usability.

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Rethink and reuse

We partner with channel and recycling solutions providers to give products and materials a new purpose at the end of their life.

Earthion for Business Partners

To strive for innovation and excellence, we encourage and invite business partners to own their Earth missions.

Our Journey

Earthion stems from Project Humanity, Acer’s internal program launched in 2017 to encourage employees to take action on education and environment-related issues.

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Become a part of Earthion

We're looking for human and innovative businesses dedicated to sustainability or who want to co-create impact for our planet.

Step 1

We invite partners who have achieved at least "Medium Level" on Acer's CSR scorecard or who have rolled out Project Humanity internally to join Earthion.

Step 2

Select the mission(s) you would like to achieve and share your proposal with us, becoming one of the forces to make a difference.

Step 3

We will match your proposal to the necessary teams and resources. It's time for us to embark on this impactful journey together!

Join us!

If you are interested in becoming part of Earthion, please apply or contact for more support.