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Acer and Chrome Enterprise

A Total Enterprise Management Solution

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Google Chrome Enterprise is the business-focused solution for Chrome devices, Chrome Browser, and Chrome OS. Chrome Enterprise offers cloud-native tools, integrations with third party products, and 24/7 support for IT administrators.

Acer Chrome Devices for Enterprise

Acer’s range of Chrome devices have been specifically engineered to meet the needs of enterprises and various business sectors. Built for the cloud, they empower workers with enterprise grade features for productivity, portability and power.

Acer Chrome devices have many first-class features including: fast boot times, tough design and security, and a long battery life. With a boot time of about 8 seconds you’ll starting working quicker; military grade durability make you feel at ease; integrated malware protection stops viruses in their tracks; and finally a long battery life means you can work all day without your power adapter.

Chromebook Enterprise Gives You This and a Whole Lot More

In addition to the above features, Chromebook Enterprise devices combine the end user benefits of Chromebooks with the business capabilities of Chrome OS for IT to deploy, orchestrate and power the cloud workforce to work securely and effectively from anywhere.

Business Capabilities of Chromebook Enterprise

Illustration for Advanced Security

Advanced Security Controls for IT

Chromebook Enterprise provides cloud-native security for businesses big and small. Employees and Chromebook Enterprise are protected by lost and stolen protection, for example if an end user misplaces their Chromebook, IT can easily disable the device, preventing potential bad actors from access to corporate data. Devices can also be set as ephemeral, so that a user’s data is removed at the end of their session.

Illustration for Simplified Workflow Orchestration

Simplified Workflow Orchestration

To simplify orchestration of your organization's Chrome device fleet, Chromebook Enterprise provides IT with access to device policies and fleet oversight capabilities, all from the easy-to-use, cloud-based Google Admin console or third party UEM (Unified End Management) solution.

Illustration for Zero-Touch Enrollment

Zero-Touch Enrollment

With zero-touch enrollment, IT departments can drop ship Chrome OS devices that will automatically enroll into enterprise administration as soon as the end user connects to the internet.

Illustration for Flexible Access

Flexible Access

Give IT managers the ability to remotely manage all devices on the network. Control native Active Directories1, use Advanced SAML SSO (Single Sign On), define login controls, manage guest sessions and configure kiosks.

Illustration for 24 x 7 Support

24 x 7 Support

Network admin staff get support via phone, email and other methods direct from Google whenever they need it, no matter the time.

  1. Use of this feature requires you to have an agreement for Active Directory. For more information, see