Acer eLearning Repair Program

Our eLearning Repair program is a model-specific program that supports education accounts by offering students an opportunity to learn to repair select Acer products. Qualified students can gain practical work experience assisting campus IT staff with hardware repairs.

We Train Grades 9 - 12 Students in Computer Hardware Repairs

Interactive eLearning

• Videos
• Resource material
• Assessments to advance

Learning Path

• Component Overview
• Component Replacement
• Post Repair QA Testing
• Hardware ID (Chromebooks)

Final Assessment

• Assessment administered by staff
• Only for students who have passed all online tests
• Demonstrate competency

How the eLearning Repair Program Works

Prerequisite A natural curiosity or interest in technology.
Scope Introduce students to basic hardware repair best practices. In this self-paced elearning program, students work through five chapters, passing online quizzes to advance

• Overview of Components
• Replacing Components
• Post-repair QA testing
• Reconfiguring Hardware ID (Chromebooks) or Installing Microsoft’s Digital Product Key (Windows)
• Technical Skills Assessment

For the final assessment, your staff member uses the online checklist to observe the student demonstrate technical skills by replacing either the mainboard or the LCD screen. Upon successful completion of this final assessment, per the staff member's observations, the student earns the Acer Service CRT Certificate (Chromebook / Computer Repair Techspert).
Course Duration Mean instructional time: 7.5 hours.

This self-paced course allows the student to review and repeat content as needed. Students can save and exit a lesson, then resume later.
Program Duration Once enrolled, your school will have access to the course content for 30 days.
How to Enroll "Contact your sales representative or with information below.

• Submit email addresses for up to 25 users (students and staff members).
• Each user will receive login details and course access.
• Identify one staff member to track progress reports for your users.
Eligible Products • Chromebook 311 C722
• Chromebook 311 C732T
• Chromebook 311 C733T
• Chromebook C738T
• Chromebook Spin 311 R721T
• Chromebook Spin 511 R752T
• Chromebook Spin 511 R751T
• Chromebook 511 C741T
• TravelMate B3 Spin 11 TMB311R(N)-33
• More offers coming soon

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