Windows 11 Compatibility

The following Acer laptops, desktops and tablets have been tested as being suitable to upgrade to Windows 11. If your product model is not listed in the table below, Acer has not tested the device and the drivers have not been updated for that model. For more information on the Windows 11 upgrade, please visit the Windows 11 official website.
After installing Windows 11, it is recommended that you connect to the internet and run Windows Update to auto-update all drivers. To update Windows applications, please sign in to the Microsoft Store.


A9500-A Aspire A111-31 Aspire A114-21 Aspire A114-32
Aspire A114-33 Aspire A114-61 Aspire A114-61L Aspire A115-22
Aspire A115-31 Aspire A115-32 Aspire A311-31 Aspire A314-22
Aspire A314-22G Aspire A314-22S Aspire A314-32 Aspire A314-33
Aspire A314-35 Aspire A315-23 Aspire A315-23G Aspire A315-23S
Aspire A315-32 Aspire A315-34 Aspire A315-35 Aspire A315-35S
Aspire A315-42 Aspire A315-42G Aspire A315-54 Aspire A315-56
Aspire A315-57G Aspire A315-58 Aspire A315-58G Aspire A317-32
Aspire A317-33 Aspire A317-51 Aspire A317-51G Aspire A317-52
Aspire A317-53 Aspire A317-53G Aspire A514-51 Aspire A514-51G
Aspire A514-52 Aspire A514-52G Aspire A514-53 Aspire A514-53G
Aspire A514-54 Aspire A514-54G Aspire A514-54S Aspire A515-43
Aspire A515-43G Aspire A515-44 Aspire A515-44G Aspire A515-44S
Aspire A515-45 Aspire A515-45G Aspire A515-45S Aspire A515-46
Aspire A515-52 Aspire A515-52G Aspire A515-53 Aspire A515-53G
Aspire A515-54 Aspire A515-54G Aspire A515-55 Aspire A515-55G
Aspire A515-55T Aspire A515-56 Aspire A515-56G Aspire A515-56S
Aspire A515-56T Aspire A517-52 Aspire A517-52G Aspire A715-41G
Aspire A715-42G Aspire A715-74G Aspire A715-75G Aspire S40-52
Aspire S50-51 Aspire T8000 S40-51 S40-53
S50-53 T9000
Aspire Vero
Aspire Vero AV15-51
ConceptD CC314-72 ConceptD CC314-72G ConceptD CC314-72P ConceptD CC314-73G
ConceptD CC314-73P ConceptD CC315-72 ConceptD CC315-72G ConceptD CC315-72P
ConceptD CC315-73G ConceptD CC315-73P ConceptD CC715-71 ConceptD CC715-71P
ConceptD CC715-72G ConceptD CC715-72P ConceptD CC715-91P ConceptD CC715-92P
ConceptD CN314-72 ConceptD CN314-72G ConceptD CN314-72P ConceptD CN314-73G
ConceptD CN314-73P ConceptD CN315-71 ConceptD CN315-71P ConceptD CN315-72
ConceptD CN315-72G ConceptD CN315-72P ConceptD CN316-73G ConceptD CN316-73P
ConceptD CN515-71 ConceptD CN515-71P ConceptD CN516-72G ConceptD CN516-72
ConceptD CN517-71 ConceptD CN517-71P ConceptD CN715-71 ConceptD CN715-71P
ConceptD CN715-72G ConceptD CN715-72P ConceptD CN715-73G ConceptD CN917-71
ConceptD CN917-71P
Enduro EN314-51W Enduro EN314-51WG Enduro EUN314-51W Enduro EUN314-51WG
Extensa 214-52 Extensa 214-52G Extensa 215-22 Extensa 215-22G
Extensa 215-31 Extensa 215-32 Extensa 215-51 Extensa 215-51G
Extensa 215-52 Extensa 215-53G Extensa 215-54 Extensa 215-54G
Extensa EX214-51 Extensa EX214-51G
N9500-A Nitro AN514-54 Nitro AN515-43 Nitro AN515-44
Nitro AN515-45 Nitro AN515-52 Nitro AN515-53 Nitro AN515-54
Nitro AN515-55 Nitro AN515-56 Nitro AN515-57 Nitro AN517-41
Nitro AN517-51 Nitro AN517-52 Nitro AN517-53 Nitro AN517-54
Nitro AN715-51 Nitro AN715-52
B114-33 B314-35 B315-34
Porsche Design Acer Book RS
AP714-51GT AP714-51T
Predator PH315-52 Predator PH315-53 Predator PH315-54 Predator PH317-53
Predator PH317-54 Predator PH317-55 Predator PH517-51 Predator PH517-52
Predator PH717-71 Predator PH717-72 Predator PT314-51s Predator PT315-51
Predator PT315-52 Predator PT315-53 Predator PT515-51 Predator PT515-52
Predator PT516-51s Predator PT917-71
SP9300 Spin SP111-33 Spin SP111-34N Spin SP114-31
Spin SP114-31N Spin SP313-51N Spin SP314-21 Spin SP314-21N
Spin SP314-51 Spin SP314-52 Spin SP314-54 Spin SP314-54N
Spin SP513-41N Spin SP513-53N Spin SP513-54N Spin SP513-55N
Spin SP513-55NA Spin SP714-61NA
S9300 S9400-A Swift S40-20 Swift SF114-32
Swift SF114-33 Swift SF114-34 Swift SF313-52 Swift SF313-52G
Swift SF313-53 Swift SF313-53G Swift SF314-41 Swift SF314-41G
Swift SF314-42 Swift SF314-43 Swift SF314-44G Swift SF314-510
Swift SF314-510G Swift SF314-511 Swift SF314-56 Swift SF314-56G
Swift SF314-57 Swift SF314-57G Swift SF314-58 Swift SF314-58G
Swift SF314-59 Swift SF316-51 Swift SF514-53T Swift SF514-54
Swift SF514-54G Swift SF514-54GT Swift SF514-54T Swift SF514-55GT
Swift SF514-55T Swift SF514-55TA Swift SF714-52T Swift SFX14-41G
Swift SFX16-51G
TravelMate B118-M TravelMate B311-31 TravelMate B311-32 TravelMate P214-41
TravelMate P214-41-G2 TravelMate P214-41-G3 TravelMate P214-52 TravelMate P214-52G
TravelMate P214-53 TravelMate P214-53G TravelMate P215-41 TravelMate P215-41-G2
TravelMate P215-41-G3 TravelMate P215-52 TravelMate P215-52G TravelMate P215-53
TravelMate P215-53G TravelMate P40-41 TravelMate P40-41-G2 TravelMate P40-41-G3
TravelMate P40-52 TravelMate P40-53 TravelMate P414-51 TravelMate P414-51G
TravelMate P50-41 TravelMate P50-41-G2 TravelMate P50-41-G3 TravelMate P50-52
TravelMate P50-53 TravelMate P614-51-G2 TravelMate P614-51G-G2 TravelMate P614-51T-G2
TravelMate P614-51TG-G2 TravelMate P614-52 TravelMate P614P-52 TravelMate P614RN-52
TravelMate X314-51-M TravelMate X314-51-MG TravelMate X40-52-M TravelMate X40-52-MG
TravelMate X40-53 TravelMate X40-53G TravelMate X45-51 TravelMate X514-51
TravelMate X514-51T
TravelMate Spin
TravelMate Spin 311R-31 TravelMate Spin 311RN-31 TravelMate Spin B118-G2-R TravelMate Spin B118-G2-RN
TravelMate Spin B311R-31 TravelMate Spin B311R-32 TravelMate Spin B311RA-31 TravelMate Spin B311RA-32
TravelMate Spin B311RN-31 TravelMate Spin B311RN-32 TravelMate Spin B311RNA-31 TravelMate Spin B311RNA-32
TravelMate Spin P414RN-51


Aspire C
Aspire C20-830 Aspire C22-1650 Aspire C22-1655 Aspire C22-420
Aspire C22-820 Aspire C22-865 Aspire C22-866 Aspire C22-960
Aspire C22-962 Aspire C22-963 Aspire C24-1650 Aspire C24-1651
Aspire C24-1655 Aspire C24-420 Aspire C24-710S Aspire C24-766
Aspire C24-865 Aspire C24-960 Aspire C24-962 Aspire C24-963
Aspire C27-1655 Aspire C27-865 Aspire C27-962
Aspire T
Aspire TC-1150 Aspire TC-1650 Aspire TC-1660 Aspire TC-390
Aspire TC-391 Aspire TC-831 Aspire TC-860 Aspire TC-865
Aspire TC-866 Aspire TC-875 Aspire TC-885 Aspire TC-885G
Aspire TC-886 Aspire TC-895
Aspire U
Aspire U27-885
Aspire X
Aspire XC-1660 Aspire XC-340 Aspire XC-830 Aspire XC-840
Aspire XC-860 Aspire XC-865 Aspire XC-866 Aspire XC-875
Aspire XC-885 Aspire XC-886 Aspire XC-895
Aspire Z
Aspire Z24-890 Aspire Z24-891
ConceptD CM100-51A ConceptD CT500-51A ConceptD CT700-71A
DX6785 DX6795 DX6855 SX3785
SX3795 SX3855
Nitro N50-600 Nitro NS-600 Nitro GX50-600 Nitro N50-110
Nitro N50-610 Nitro N50-620
oneTwo C24-1100
Predator N50-120 Predator PO3-600 Predator PO3-620 Predator PO3-630
Predator PO5-100 Predator PO5-600S Predator PO5-605S Predator PO5-610
Predator PO5-615s Predator PO5-625s Predator PO9-600 Predator PO9-600_RGB
Predator PO9-920
Revo RN86 Revo RN96
Shangqi N4288 Shangqi N4670 Shangqi V4270 Shangqi X4270
Shangqi X4670
Veriton A
Veriton A620 Veriton A650 Veriton A850 Veriton A890
Veriton B
Veriton B450 Veriton B650 Veriton B850
Veriton C
Veriton C650
Veriton D
Veriton D650 Veriton D750 Veriton D850
Veriton E
Veriton E450
Veriton EN
Veriton EN2580 Veriton EN76G
Veriton ES
Veriton ES2730G Veriton ES2735G Veriton ES2740G
Veriton Essential
Veriton EX2620G Veriton EZ2740G
Veriton K
Veriton K8-660G Veriton K8-670G Veriton K8-680G
Veriton M
Veriton M4660G Veriton M4665G Veriton M4670G Veriton M6660G
Veriton M6670G Veriton M6680G
Veriton N
Veriton N4660G Veriton N4670G Veriton N4680G Veriton N4680GT
Veriton N6660G Veriton N6670G Veriton N6680G
Veriton S
Veriton S2660G Veriton S2665G Veriton S2670G Veriton S2680G
Veriton S4660G Veriton S4665G Veriton S4670G Veriton S4680G
Veriton S6660G Veriton S6670G Veriton S6680G
Veriton T
Veriton T650 Veriton T850
Veriton X
Veriton X2660G Veriton X2665G Veriton X2670G Veriton X2680G
Veriton X4220G Veriton X4230G Veriton X4240G Veriton X4660G
Veriton X4665G Veriton X4670G Veriton X4680G Veriton X6660G
Veriton X6670G Veriton X6680G
Veriton Z
Veriton Z4660G Veriton Z4670G Veriton Z4680G Veriton Z4860G
Veriton Z4870G Veriton Z4880G Veriton Z6860G Veriton Z6870G
Veriton Z6880G