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If my Acer Notebook or Desktop needs servicing, where can I bring my unit?
The Acer service center is located on 1172-1180 President Quirino Avenue Extension Paco Manila. Also, we have Acer Authorized Service Providers (ASP) clustered instrategic areas around the Philippines. For more information regarding the ASP, you can visit Contact Acer.
What is Acer SuperCare Extended Warranty?
The Acer SuperCare Extended Warranty is a warranty extension program where owners of Acer products have the option to extend the warranty of their units to three years. The SuperCare covers the warranty on both parts (except battery) and services.
What is International Travelers Warranty and who may claim the Acer ITW?
The Acer International Travelers Warranty or ITW is a warranty that is supplemental to the Local Warranty covering the Notebook. It applies only in countries outside the geographic area of coverage of the local warranty where ITW service centers are located.
Page 2 of the ITW passport states: Only "bona fide travelers" who are in possession of a copy of the proof of original sales invoice of the Notebook may bring claims under this Acer ITW.
What is a "bona fide traveler"?
A "bona fide traveler" is a person temporarily (for a consecutive period of three (3) months) present outside the territorial scope of the Local Warranty covering the respective Notebook without the intention of establishing temporary residence or domicile. Acer's ITW Centers may require reasonable proof of residency to verify the bona fide traveler status of the claimant. Customers establishing a temporary residence without the geographic area of validity of the Local warranty covering their Notebook are encouraged to enter into a service agreement with a Local Acer representative.
If my Acer Notebook has ITW and I am a "bona fide traveler", where can I bring my unit for servicing?
Only Acer Service Center located in 1172-1180 President Quirino Avenue Extension Paco Manila is allowed and authorized to service Acer Notebooks with ITW.
What is Intel Dual Core Technology?
Two execution cores in a single processor that executes simultaneous multi tasking applications
What Is PIFA?
Planar Inverted F Antenna used in Acer SignalUp Technology
What should be checked in order if the system's power intermittently shuts down while operating?
Battery and Adapter, Cooling fan, HDD, Battery connection board, Mainboard