Local Warranty

The warranty period commences on the date of purchase. Your original purchase invoice (sales receipt), showing the date of purchase of the System, is the proof of the date of purchase. You may register your device to our warranty website by logging on to warranty.acer.com.ph .
Local Warranty
All Acer products carry the standard 1- year parts and service warranty.
Terms and Condition
This warranty policy forms part of the Dealer Sales agreement between first time owner & Acer Philippines Incorporated("Acer"). Ownership is transferable provided Acer Philippines, Inc. receives a written notice from the first time owner. All claims for warranty will be based on this warranty policy.
Acer warrants its product to be free from malfunctions and defects in both materials and workmanship based on date of purchase. If date of purchase is not established, warranty will start on the date seen on the Acer warranty sticker.
If the product does not function properly during the warranty period due to defects in either materials or workmanship, Acer will, at its option, either repair or replace the defective part without charge, subject to the conditions and limitations stated herein. Such repair service will include all labors as well as any necessary adjustments and/or replacement parts. Replaced parts shall have a minimum specification equal to the original purchase. Under no circumstances shall the owner impose for higher specifications on parts to be replaced.
Acer will serve the warranty only through repair and/or parts replacement. If replacement parts are used in making repairs, these parts maybe re-manufactured, or re-conditioned. If it is necessary to replace the entire system, it will be replaced with a reconditioned system. Defective parts become properties of Acer Philippines Inc.
Warranty service will be provided only for Carry In units. Meaning, the owner or thru its representative will have to bring the unit for servicing to any Acer Authorized Service Centers. Should the owner insist on onsite visit, additional charges shall be billed to the owner for on-site service. field service or home services.
Acer Philippines Incorporated reserves its right to appoint Authorized Service Centers and its personnel to serve the warranty services.
Acer will also provide telephone assistance.
The warranty becomes null and void if the Acer sticker is tampered or missing, or if the unit was serviced by unauthorized service center or personnel.
The warranty does not cover: circumstances beyond Acer control; natural disasters; misuse, abuse, pest infestation; damages due to accident;damages due to broken or cracked parts; damages due to electrical surges such as lightning or sparks; removal and prevention of computer virus; software bugs & fixes; service or parts to correct problems resulting from the use of attachments, accessories, or alterations not authorized by Acer; service required as the result of unauthorized modification, upgrading or service; failure to follow Acer operating and maintenance instructions; use of the product in voltages other than designated voltage.
Repair or replacements of defective parts without charge are Acer's only obligation under this warranty. Whole unit replacement or refund is not an option to this warranty agreement. Acer will not be responsible for any consequential or incidental damages resulting from the purchase, use, or improper functioning of the unit regardless of the cause. Such damages for which Acer will not be responsible include, but are not limited to, loss of revenue or profit, downtime cost, loss of use of the unit, loss of or damage to software programs or stored data cost of any substitute unit, facilities or services, or claims for such damages.
Warranty Period and Type
Product Parts Labor On-site Product Accessories Parts Labor
Aspire Series 2 years 2 years Optional Mouse, Keyboard, External Speaker 1 year 1 year
Aspire All-in-One 2 years 2 years Optional Mouse, Keyboard, External Speaker 1 year 1 year
Gaming Desktop 2 years 2 years Optional Mouse, Keyboard, Headset 1 year 1 year
Aspire Series 2 years 2 years Optional Battery, Adapter 1 year 1 year
Gaming Notebook 2 years 2 years Optional Battery, Adapter 1 year 1 year
Aspire Ultrabook 2 years 2 years Optional Battery, Adapter 1 year 1 year
Aspire 2 in 1 2 years 2 years Optional External Keyboard 1 year 1 year
Adapter & Battery 1 year 1 year
Stand Alone Monitor
Stand Alone Monitor 3 years 3 years n/a Adapter 1 year 1 year
Predator Monitor 3 years 3 years Optional Adapter 1 year 1 year
Bulb Projector 2 years 2 years n/a Lamp , Remote 1 year or 1000 Hrs. Lamp, Remote 6 months 1 year
LED Projector 2 years 2 years n/a Remote 6 months 6 months
Interactive Pen, 3D Glasses 6 months 6 months
Stand Alone Peripherals
Gaming Mouse, Headset, Keyboard 1 year 1 year

Warranty Exclusions and Limitations

Warranty will be deemed void if a product has been damaged or rendered defective as a result of:

1. APHI only honors the local warranty of units released and purchased in the Philippines. For units purchased outside the Philippines, please refer to ITW Policy.

2. Use of the System other than for its normal intended use, including, without limitation, failure to use the System in accordance with the User’s Guide that accompanies the System, any other abuse or neglect with the respect to the system.

3. Modification of the System including use of parts not manufactured and/or sold by Acer.

4. Service or repair by anyone other than Acer Service Center or Acer Authorized Service Provider;

5. Improper transportation or packing when returning the System to Acer or an Acer Authorized Service Provider; or

6. Improper installation of third-party products (e.g., memory card)

7. APHI has the right to cancel any warranty coverage on units with a tampered seal, serial number or units found to have been damaged due to negligence, improper usage or attempt to tamper. APHI shall not be liable to defects caused by forces of nature such as earthquakes, accidents, fire, flood, vermin waste, and so forth.

8. Minor defects of the LCD display occurring in Systems equipped with LCD Display technology, provided that there shall not more than 2 bright (or dark) dots on LCD Screen.

9. Units physically damaged due to accidental drops, spills and extreme temperature, and such damages that are noticeably viewable (examples include but are not limited to, scratches, imprint/water marks, cracks, dents, and insect infestation).

10. APHI and ASP shall not be responsible for loss of or any damage to, programs, applications, data, or removable storage media.

11. End-users are responsible for saving (backing up) any programs, applications, data and or removable storage media before servicing. Please note that Acer may opt to replace the System submitted for warranty services with a remanufactured product of equal quality, and, thus, any information stored by the End-user on the original System may become permanently inaccessible.

12. APHI and its ASP shall impose additional charges for servicing products under exclusions and limitations.