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Repair Questions and Answers

Requesting Repair Service:

1. How do I obtain service for my product if it is not working properly?

In order to obtain service for your product, first it needs to be determined if it is a hardware or software issue. For assistance in determining this you can contact us through a variety of ways:

If the problem is hardware and needs service, you can obtain a Case number for service from one of the above support groups. If the problem is software related, the fix may be available through our online resources or assistance can be provided through one of our support groups.

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2. Can I have the parts sent to me so I can complete the repairs?

There are some parts designed to be replaced without requiring the product to be sent into a repair facility. To determine if the part you need is user replaceable contact support.

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3. Can I have a local technician repair my product?

You can have the product repaired by a local technician, however for Acer to cover the cost of parts and labor under the limited warranty; we do require that the product is setup for service and brought to one of our repair facilities.

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4. What should I expect when contacting Acer to setup a repair service?

A customer service Agent will provide you with a Case Number, this unique identifier will help us manage your information and make sure we can complete the repair for you in a timely manner. The Case Number will allow you to track the status of your repair. You should also receive an email with specifics on how to safely and securely ship your product to Acer for repairs. Your email will contain specifics about your repair including your Case Number as well as your specific product information to verify. Following the information in the email is the quickest and safest way to complete the repair.

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Preparation and Shipping Information:

5. How do I package my product to ship it for repairs?

Use a trackable carrier only, such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, Purolator; We highly discourage the use of the Postal Service. Make sure a copy of the Airbill is kept, as this is the only proof of shipment.

We recommend that you insure your package; any damage incurred in shipping will not be covered under the Standard Manufacturers Warranty. If your product is damaged in shipping, you will need to contact your carrier to file a claim.

We recommend shipping the product in packaging providing the product with a degree of protection equivalent to that of the original packaging. We recommend using 3 to 5 inches of bubble wrap to protect your product. Please do not use styrofoam peanuts.

Use 3 inch wide plastic packing tape or 3 inch wide reinforced water-activated paper tape to seal the box.

Place the shipping label on the largest flat surface of the package and remove/cover all old labels if reusing packaging.

Then place your name, phone number, Case number and products serial number in the upper left corner of the package.

Can I use any carrier I choose to ship it in?
You can choose any carrier, however we do recommend a trackable carrier only.
Can I ship it in my original box?
You can, however, we discard any container we receive and ship it back in a standard brown box.
Can I ship in more than one product in a single box for repairs?
We strongly advise against shipping multiple computers in one box, for the computers’ safety.
Do I need to include anything with my product when I ship it in to be repaired?
We request only the computer is sent in unless it is a power issue, then the battery and power cord should be included. Sending material such as manuals, optical media, flash drives, or other peripherals may not be returned.
Do I need to back my data up before I send my product in?
We suggest you back up your data in case your hard disk drive is replaced or reloaded. Acer does not provide backup or data recovery services.
Should I include any information on the outside of the box?
We recommend the Case Number provided at the time of service, your name, and phone number in the upper left corner of the package.

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Repair and Return Information:

6. How long will it take to repair my computer?

We strive to have your product repaired and returned within 7 to 10 Business Days from the time we receive it. Factors such as part availability, repair times, and shipping issues may affect the time frame for repair.

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7. Can I check the status of my repair?

You can check the current status of your repair by visiting Customer Self Service and clicking Case Status on your screen.

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8. Is there a phone number I can call to check the status of my repair?

While you can contact us via phone support, for real time updates, please visit Customer Self Service to obtain the most up to date status on your repair.

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9. How do I know when the repairs are complete?

An email will be sent with your FedEx tracking information once it has shipped or you can check the status by visiting Customer Self Service.

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10. How will my product be returned?

Acer will pay to return ship your product in a plain brown box through FedEx Ground®.

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