Meet the Modders

  • Brian Keith Carter

  • Nenad Dordevic

  • Stefan Ulrich

  • Ronnie Hara

  • AK MOD


Brian Keith Carter

From America, Brian has over 12 years of modding experience with 30+ mods already under his belt. His hot-rodding background is one of his big inspirations and often finds its way into his craft; resulting in designs reminiscent of the muscular automobiles.

Award Title: Mystique

I extended the cooling capabilities of the laptop by adding nickel foam side ventilation and blue anodized aluminum fins at the back. There’s also soft rubber and mouse pad fabric covering the palm rest area to reduce strain and provide additional comfort for users. In order to add an ominous presence to the mod, the Predator logo is hidden behind a two-way mirror when the laptop is switched off, but it glows ominously with soft side lighting when it’s powered on. Elegance is provided by metal foam mesh that spans the entire depth on both sides of the device.


Nenad Dordevic

Nenad hails from Belgrade, Serbia and has been in the modding scene for roughly 15 years. He excels at thinking outside the box – allowing his imagination to turn his ideas of what a case “could” be into reality. His work often inspires awe and fascination.

Award Title: Tougher than Nails

I designed a built-in display that shows the CPU and GPU temperature, while the exoskeleton design is made with a special nickel foam which not only helps dissipate heat but also adds strength and firmness to the laptop. It also includes a handle that users can mount things on, as well as an infinity mirror on the top that emphasizes the Predator logo. The design was inspired by the title character from the Predator movie, as it also has a highly advanced exoskeleton. This was my first laptop mod, and the precise work, measured in millimeters, was a huge challenge and a great adventure.


Stefan Ulrich

An artist at heart, Stefan is also a world traveler. He took up serious case-modding in 2014 and since then has completed over 15. Constantly innovating, his mods are often unique – brimming with customizations that tend to amaze, and occasionally befuddle, those who see them.

Award Title: Moonshot

I added nickel foam to the cover to give it a mechanical appearance and the look of metal armor, as well as a different texture. The tattoo designs on the armor, keyboard cover, and hand-made sleeve were hand-painted. The Predator logo under the foam is highlighted by a pulsing LED effect when the laptop is powered up. My concept was inspired by the movie Alita: Battle Angel, especially by the hunter-warrior Zapan. I studied the movie carefully before 3D modelling the armor parts. The 3D model allowed me to perfectly fit my front cover design to the dimensions of the laptop.

Brazil / Japan

Ronnie Hara

A lover of technology and first-person shooters, Ronnie was born in Curitiba, Brazil and has lived in Japan for 24 years, the last 9 of which have included modding. His mods dramatically improve on the aesthetics while still managing to up the performance – which is no easy task.

Award Title: Beast of Prey

I emphasized the cooling module, the Predator Helios 500 AeroBlade™ 3D Fans, by making it more visible, and by extending the overall design to include it. The exterior, including the keyboard cover, is heavily influenced by the Predator movie. I studied the movie and the Predator character in order to research the elements and colors that make up the mod. I wanted the design to demonstrate the Predator spirit in a loud way for people who love the Predator brand and are proud to show off their laptop. I hope it will give fans something that stands out, for example at a LAN party.



A resident of Taiwan, AK MOD has been modding since 2012. He knew he had found his calling once he discovered the wild creations of fellow enthusiasts. AK MOD is skilled at creating clean, minimalistic approaches while giving careful attention to even the smallest details.

Award Title: Polar Vortex

I created an internal cooling system for the mod, which uses a new thermal module with a copper plate to cool the laptop like a desktop. I extended this system to include an additional stand that acts a full-blown liquid cooling block with a dual radiator and a pump. I used wood for the mod, as this softer, natural material gives it a unique and unexpected look. Liquid cooling is a big part of all my mods, and for this one I got curious during the brainstorming session and wanted to create a prototype for a laptop with liquid cooling and make the ultimate gaming laptop.