This document is intended to explain Acer’s service policies and services in Singapore.
If you need further clarifications, we can be contacted by the following ways:
Acer Service Centre
The Acer Service Centre will provide services and support for products sold by Acer in Singapore to customers who wish to be serviced directly by Acer.
The 1st level of service and support includes: 
  1. Hotline service to customers.
  2. Technical problem reporting and solving.
  3. Provides carry-in and/or on-site service to customers.
The 2nd level of service and support includes:
  1. Repairs for both warranty and Out-Of-Warranty Acer hardware products.
All products to be serviced are carried in our Acer Service Centre located at :
Acer Computer (Singapore) Pte Ltd
29, International Business Park
#01-07, Acer Building, Tower A
Service Centre (Side Entrance)
Singapore 609923
Business hours:
- Monday to Friday, 8:45am to 5:15pm
Extended Hours:
- Wednesday, 5:15pm till 7:45pm
- Saturday, 9:00am to 12:00pm
(Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays)
Service Centre Closed
Service Centre will be closed on 23th Dec 2022 (Friday) 3pm for company event.
*Last queue ticket to issue will be at 2:30pm.
Holidays Reminder
Service Centre and Call Centre will be closed on these dates: 
- Whole day on 24th Dec 2022 (Christmas Eve) 
- Whole day on 31st Dec 2022 (New Year’s Eve)
Standard Warranty Terms And Conditions
  1. Acer Computer (Singapore) Pte Ltd (Acer) hereby warrants that the hardware product you have purchased (Product) is free from defects in materials or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period applicable to the Product as defined in the Limited Product Warranty Chart. Please note that battery warranty is 1 year.
  2. The Warranty period commences on the date of purchase.
  3. The sales receipt or your purchase invoice showing the date of purchase of the Product, showing the serial number and date of purchase of the Product, is the proof of the date of purchase. Customers may be asked to furnish proof of ownership and date of purchase by showing the sales receipt/purchase invoice. This warranty extends only to the original purchaser, and is non-transferable to anyone who subsequently purchases, leases or otherwise obtains the product from the original purchaser.
  4. Within the warranty period, Acer will, at no additional charge; perform repair or replacement of defects in workmanship or parts covered by this warranty.
  5. All exchanged parts and products replaced under warranty service will become the property of Acer. Acer reserves the right to replace defective parts with any serviceable used parts or reconditioned parts at Acer's option.
  6. This warranty shall be rendered null and void if : 
    1. The Product is damaged due to transportation, fall, weather, extreme temperatures, shock, improper use, mishandling or negligence after the purchase of the Product;
    2. The Product is damaged as a result of natural disaster or acts of God, e.g. fire, flood, lightning.
    3. The Product is damaged as a result of connection to irregular voltage sources.
    4. The Product is installed, maintained, operated or use other than in accordance with the instructions provided by Acer in relation to the Product.
    5. The Product is altered, modified and repaired by a party not authorized by Acer.
    6. The Product is not purchased from Acer or through Acer's authorized distributors and resellers.
    7. The customer cannot provide the sales receipt or purchase invoice.
    8. The Warranty period has expired.
  7. The warranty does not cover : -
    1. Transportation, delivery and/or incidental costs incurred in the fulfilment of this warranty
    2. Any software preloaded on or otherwise sold with the Product. The software is provided to you on an "as is" basis, and the warranty shall not apply to any software corruption.
    3. All software is provided as is and Acer disclaims any and all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to any implied warranty of non-infringement of third-party rights, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Acer does not warrant that the software will be error free or that the software will meet the customers’ requirements.
    4. Warranty does not cover support for 3rd party software or hardware, diagnosis, maintenance, cleaning of virus, software installation or backup, transfer of data and programs.
    5. Installation of software other than those specified in the starter package.
    6. Recovery of corrupted HDD media other than to original factory state.
    7. Damage to or loss of any programs, data or removable storage media. The customer is responsible for saving (backing up) any programs, data or removable storage media. The customer is advised to backup essential programs and data before allowing or sending for service. In the event of any product failure, Acer's liability shall be limited to re-installing the factory default software for hard disk failure. Acer shall not be liable to undertake any file or data transfer.
    8. Damages caused by misuse, abuse, accidents, fire, theft, disappearance, misplacement, fluctuations and power surges, connections to improper voltage or incorrect electrical line voltage, viruses, malware, reckless, wilful or intentional conduct; defects or damage arising from usage of unauthorized or poor quality CD ROMs or storage media
    9. Damages caused by the combination of Acer branded products with other non-Acer branded products, accessories, parts or components (including SIM card or Memory card) or use of products, equipment, systems, utilities, services, parts, supplies, accessories, applications, installations, repairs, external wiring or connections not supplied or authorized by Acer which damage this product or result in service problems;
    10. Signal issues, reception problems and distortion related to noise, echo, interference or other signal transmission and delivery problems;
    11. Results of normal usage, such as gradual image degradation, uneven screen aging, burned-in images (marks) and pixel failure within designed specifications or that do not materially alter the products functionality; uninterrupted or error-free operation of the product;
    12. Parts requiring replacement due to normal wear and tear, corrosion, rust or stain, physical damages such as cracks / dents / scratches on casing, broken cable, dislodge parts.
    13. Products where the model number or serial number has been removed; altered or obliterated from the product.
    14. Normal wear and tear;
    15. Cracked screen or damage caused by external pressure on the LCD shall not be covered under warranty.
    16. LCD panels, LCD bezel, LCD cover, the chassis (which includes the uppercase and lowercase), cables, connectors, key tops physically damaged due to excessive force being applied to it including but not limited to drops and/or spills accidental or otherwise and also due to extreme temperatures; and such other damages caused as a result of neglect or improper care and handling including scratches, imprint/water marks, cracks and dents.
    17. Minor imperfections that meet design specifications;
    18. Minor defects of LCD displays occurring in any Acer Products equipped with LCD display technology, provided that there shall not be more than (4) defective pixels per million pixels on a given LCD display, and provided further that, if the display panel is divided into nine (9) equal rectangular areas, there shall be only one (1) defective pixel in the central area of the display.
  8. Acer however warrants the media (e.g. diskette, tapes, etc) upon which this software is delivered to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of up to sixty days after the date of purchase by end-user.
  9. This warranty applies within Singapore only.
  10. On-site warranty service, if applicable, applies only in Singapore and to locations which must be accessible by road transport.
  11. Warranty support will be provided only during normal office hours.
  12. For the period in which the on-site warranty service is applicable, Acer reserves the right to courier the replacement module to the customer, should it from preliminary investigations determined that the failure in the product is due to externally connected modules such as the keyboard or mouse.
  13. Repaired PCs or replaced part thereof will be warranted for the balance of the original warranty period or thirty days (30) days from the date of repair whichever is longer. Any unit replacement will be warranted for the balance of the original unit warranty period or thirty days (30) days from the date of replacement whichever is longer.
  14. Except as set forth above, there are no other expressed or implied warranties.
  15. This warranty is only valid in relation to Products installed and used in the country of purchase and shall not extend to any Products not supplied by Acers authorized distributors and retailers.
  16. The purchaser of the Product (Customer) acknowledges that the Customer is informed and is aware of his/her rights and liabilities under the relevant laws governing the purchase and use of the Product. Subject as expressly provided in clause 1, all warranties, conditions or other terms implied by statute or common law, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for purpose, are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.
  17. Acer and/or their holding, subsidiaries, affiliates, authorized distributors and retailers and authorized service providers shall not be liable to the Customer for any special, incidental, indirect or consequential loss or damages whatsoever (including without limitation, damages for loss of revenue, business, profits, goodwill or contracts, business interruption, loss of business information, or any other pecuniary loss), costs, expenses or other claims for compensation howsoever arising (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) from the use of the Product.
  18. Acer’s obligation under Clause 1 is limited to the repair and replacement of any defective materials.
  19. Warranty claim on third party peripherals with manufacturer's warranty shall be made directly to the respective manufactures instead of Acer.
  20. If any provisions of this warranty are judged to be illegal or unenforceable, the continuation in full force and effect of the remaining provisions will not be prejudiced.
Customer may purchase extended warranty up to 3 years. The extended warranty coverage is per the above Standard Warranty Terms & Conditions with the following additional terms:
For Extended Warranty
  1. Where an extended warranty is purchased while the initial warranty accompanying the product (the 1st warranty) is in force, Acer warrants the product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for an additional period of time, such that the total period of the 1st warranty and the extended warranty shall be 3 years.
  2. The extended warranty does not apply to expendable parts of the product, such as battery, or to the parts of the product that are exposed to wear & tear in the normal course of product usage. Please note that battery warranty is 1 year.
  3. The external housing and cosmetic parts shall be accepted as they are received, and shall be deemed to be free from defects at the time of purchase and, therefore, shall not be covered under extended warranty.
  4. Within the extended warranty period, the exchange limit for LCD screen with non-conforming pixels must be more than 4 dots.
  5. Any service, repair or replacement, not within the abovementioned coverage shall be subject to payments at Acer's prevailing rates and upon its prevailing terms.
Product Onsite (Months) Labour (Months) Parts (Months) ITW (Months)
Acer brand accessories Limited warranty (excludes wear & tear and damage caused by mishandling) Na 12 12 Na
All-in-one 12 12 12 Na
Commercial PC with Display Monitor
36 36 36 Na
Display Monitor (standalone) 36 36 36 Na
Multimedia PC with Display Monitor
12 12 12 Na
Notebook ^Subject to International Traveller's Warranty T&Cs Na 12 12 12^
Projector* * Lamp hours is 12 months or 1000 hrs whichever comes first Na 36 36 Na
Server 36 36 36 Na
Smart Handheld Na 12 12 Na
Tablet Na 12 12 Na

Acer Brand Accessories Limited Warranty
This limited warranty covers only manufacturing defects and does not cover any damage caused by misuse, personal negligence, accidents, abrasion, exposure to extreme temperatures, solvents, acids, water, normal wear and tear or transport damage (by airlines for example) and defects that have only insignificant effects on the value or serviceability or functionality of the product.
The Service Centre will determine whether or not the defect is covered by Acer’s warranty. If the warranty applies, the product will be repaired or replaced. If the product is to be replaced and the product is no longer available, Acer will substitute a comparable product that meets the function. The warranty provided herein is limited to the value of the Product.
Below lists some examples of defects that are wear and tear or caused by misuse:
  • Zipper broke/came off
  • Zipper off track
  • Stitches/Seams came off
  • Bag shredding
  • Bag handle broke/came off
  • Hand strap support bracket broke
  • Latch broke/came off
  • Dents/crack
  • Corrode on metal hardware
  • Wheel broke/came off
Add-Ons / Modules / Accessories
Acer Service Centre currently do provide add-ons, modules and accessories for sale to our customers. Due to the long list of parts available, it would not be possible to provide the list here. However, you may request for a quotation from Acer Service Centre by sending us an email or contact us at 6895 6297
A full range of upgrades is available from Acer Service Centre. We would be able to advise you on the upgrades in view of price/performance and also the cost effectiveness of upgrades.