Acer Nitro Gaming Controller

Put aside the mouse and pick up the Nitro Gaming Controller. Built for precision and comfort for diving into a fast-paced FPS or going on treks in your favored open-world title.

It Just Feels Right

Grip the controller in both hands, place your thumbs on the carefully placed asymmetrical analog joysticks, and prepare to lose yourself in the exquisiteness of the moment as the screen pixels come to life.

Getting Along with Windows & Android™

Free up a USB port, pop it in, and you’re all set! Compatible with Windows1 devices and devices for Android2, it also has support for XInput (including vibration).

Gotta Go Fast

See that turbo button there in the photo? This little guy blasts you into Turbo Mode3 by simulating your controller's input button of choice as though you were constantly pressing it.

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1. Requires a minimum of Windows 7 or above.

2. Use latest update from your Android device manufacturer (Android 4.2 or above). Applies to Android smart phones and TVs.

3. Turbo is a feature that allows for a button press to be indefinitely until turned off. Pressing or holding down the ‘input’ button and then pushing ‘Turbo’ will place the device in ‘Turbo Mode.’