Why Esports?

Esports is an inclusive game-changing approach to soft skill development and STEM learning. It encourages teamwork, problem-solving and pressure management in a fun way while also opening exciting career opportunities.

Leveling Up Your School

Alongside devices and accessories fit for any project, lab, or arena, we provide schools with in-depth content, webinars, and access to PLANET9, our unique esports platform.

Revolutionary and Immersive Solutions for the Future

The popularity of esports is on the rise for gamers and watchers alike: gameplay videos on Twitch and YouTube prove that esports is becoming more and more similar to traditional athletics, with professional leagues of players and a steady fanbase of people who like watching video games being played, but may not be gamers themselves.

Thinking Ahead

The 21st-century learner is expected to be a critical thinker, make informed judgments, be a creative problem solver, communicate and collaborate with others, use information in innovative ways, and take responsibility for oneself and others. Esports provides an avenue for all of these soft skills to be in play and opens doors for new careers like analyst, pro player, coach, and many others.


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